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Qt Quick UI Components compared to their equivalents in other UI component sets

This comparison chart is used by the ongoing Qt Quick UI Components work.

QQ UI Qt Widgets Ubuntu Plasma Cascades Sailfish UI (Jolla) Symbian MeeGo Comments (unused)
Button QPushButton Button Button Button Button Button
ButtonRow ButtonRow - (Button and StackLayout) ButtonRow ButtonRow
ButtonColumn ButtonColumn ButtonColumn ButtonColumn
ToolButton QToolButton Button w/style ToolButton ActionItem IconButton ToolButton
CheckBox QCheckBox CheckBox CheckBok CheckBox CheckBox CheckBox
RadioButton QRadioButton - RadioButton RadioGroup with Option elements - RadioButton RadioButton
Switch Switch Switch ToggleButton Switch Switch Switch
Slider QSlider Slider Slider Slider Slider Slider Slider
ProgressBar QProgressBar ProgressBar ProgressBar ProgressIndicator read-only Slider ProgressBar ProgressBar
TextField TextField TextField TextField TextField TextField TextField
TextArea TextArea TextArea TextArea TextArea TextArea TextArea Cosmetically decorated and resizable TextEdit item with built-in flickable/scrollarea
Menu QMenu - Menu Menu
ContextMenu ContextMenu - ContextMenu ContextMenu ContextMenu
MenuItem MenuItem MenuItem
ToolBar QToolBar - ToolBar actionBar (created and populated by using ActionSet) - ToolBar ToolBar
StatusBar QStatusBar  StatusBar w/o user interaction ProgressBar     StatusBar    
BusyIndicator ActivityIndicator BusyIndicator ActivityIndicator BusyIndicator BusyIndicator
Page Page Page Page Page Page Page
PageStack PageStack PageStack NavigationPane PageStack PageStack PageStack
ApplicationWindow QMainWindow App - (but needed) ApplicationWindow ApplicationWindow Window
SectionScroller - SectionScroller SectionScroller SectionScroller List lookup / alphabet scroller API
ScrollArea QScrollArea ScrollArea ScrollView - Flickable/viewport with built-in decoration and scroll bar controls
ScrollDecorator Scrollbar ScrollBar ScrollBar


ScrollDecorator Somewhat conflicting with ScrollArea. But more convenient when using built-in QtQuick Views.
Vertical- ScrollDecorator
Horizontal- ScrollDecorator
Label QLabel Label Label Label Label Raw Text element with system-specific font and colours
TabFrame /TabGroup QTabWidget Tabs TabGroup / TabButton / TabBarLayout TabbedPane with Tab element to populate it - TabGroup TabGroup
TabBar QTabBar TabBar TabBar
Icon QIcon
QListItem ListItem StandardListItem
Dial QDial