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Qt for Tizen: Qt Quick Controls – Development

Current Status

Following table show current status of porting Tizen Controls to Qt Quick cross platform controls. Not all Tizen controls will be ported – sometimes equivalent component already exists in Qt (e.g. Animations). Some of them need deeper analysis and integration with platform (Search, Keypad) and they will be considered later. Possible States:

  •  ? – not reviewed
  • Analysed – we know what to do to port certain control
  • In Progress
  • Done – ported
Tizen Control Name Qt Name Who? Status
Button Button T. Olszak Done
CheckBox CheckBox T. Olszak Done
CheckBox Switch T. Olszak Done
CheckBox DetailButton T. Olszak Done
ContextMenu ContextMenu T. Olszak Done
DatePicker DateEdit T.OLszak Done
TimePicker TimeEdit T.Olszak Done
DateTimePicker Analysed
EditArea Analysed
EditField Analysed
EditDate DateEdit T.Olszak Done
EditTime TimeEdit T.Olszak Done
ExpandableEditArea Analysed
Footer ToolBar J.Staniek Done
Form ApplicationWindow Done
Frame View J.Staniek Done
Header TitleBar J.Staniek Done
Label Label T. Olszak Done
Panel Panel T. Olszak Done
Popup Popup T.Olszak Done
PopupProgress Popup and BusyIndicator T.Olszak Done
MessageBox Popup and Buttons Done
Progress ProgressBar T. Olszak Done
Slider Slider T. Olszak Done
SplitPanel SplitView T. Olszak Done
TabBar TabView T. Olszak Done
ScrollBar ScrollDecorator J. Staniek/T.olszak Done


  • Qt quick controls for Tizen should be derived from qtquickcontrols. This may be opportunity of merging Qt Quick Controls for Tizen with Qt Quick Controls in the future.
  • The controls should have Tizen look and feel based on Tizen UI Controls (see UiControls sample app from Tizen SDK available at https://developer.tizen.org/documentation/dev-guide under Tizen Native App Programming->Sample applications->UiControls)

File:Ui controls.png File:Ui touch button.png File:Ui controls grouped list.png File:Ui controls slider.png

  • All content of the OSP libraries is licensed under the Apache license so images can be reused

Main conclusions after analysis of Tizen 2.1b controls


  • Controls are placed in libosp-uifw library. Sources could be obtained from download.tizen.org. For emulator it could be http://download.tizen.org/snapshots/2.1-emul/common/latest/repos/tizen-main/source/ (osp-uifw-*.rpm package)
  • The package can be unpacked by this command:
    It provides osp-uifw sources.
  • Each control contains information about related resources hardcoded in FUi_ResourceControlConfig.cpp. For example FUi_ResourceProgressConfig.cpp lists resources for FUiCtrlProgress.

FUi_Resource*Config.cpp analysis

Below is the content of FUi_ResourceProgressConfig.cpp file.

Important from our point of view are ADD_*_CONFIG macros (defined in FUi_ResourceConfigMacro.h):

  • ADD_COLOR_CONFIG – first argument is the key, second argument is the value but – if second value starts with $ then it acts as the key from osp-uifw-source-dir/res/common/usr/share/osp/themes xml file. The real value is related to that key. So first line in FUi_ResourceProgressConfig.cpp inserts pair (BAR_BG_NORMAL,”#FFF0EDE9”) into some resource map . “#FFF0EDE9” is the value from osp-uifw-source-dir/res/common/usr/share/osp/themes/white.xml corresponding to $W062L1 key.
  • ADD_IMAGE_CONFIG – sets image from ex. osp-uifw-×1280 and its subdirectiories.
  • ADD_SHAPE_CONFIG – self explanatory

Images used in Controls:
Tizen uses mainly Andorid like 9-patch images. Unlike QML BorderImage they contains information about bottom,top, left and right areas inside png file.

Preparing Tizen resources for Qt Quick Control for Tizen


  • Currently only white theme will ported
  • Currently only 720×1280 resolution will be supported
  • Tizen 9-patch images will be modified (border information will be moved from png to sci)


  1. Images are copied from osp-uifw source package to qtquickcontrols-tizen/src/images/sources/720×1280 [gitorious.org]
  2. Images are copied from qtquickcontrols-tizen/src/images/sources/720×1280 [gitorious.org] to qtquickcontrols-tizen/src/images/sources/720×1280-normalizedNames [gitorious.org]
  3. Images in qtquickcontrols-tizen/src/images/sources/720×1280-normalizedNames [gitorious.org] are normalized:
    1. Normalization script [gitorious.org] is invoked. It removes “.#” from fileNames (type of QML image source is url and there is problem with loading files when file name contains #‘s). These files are nine patch images [developer.android.com] It also modifies png’s with 9patch2sci [gitorious.org] tool.
    2. Best suitable files are found and exported to JS object with findProperImages.sh [gitorious.org] script. Image files are pointed in FUi_ResourceControlConfig.cpp by name and best file path should be choosen. Alghoritm is self explanatory – see findProperImages.sh script.
  4. Images are copied from qtquickcontrols-tizen/src/images/sources/720×1280-normalizedNames [gitorious.org] to qtquickcontrols-tizen/src/images/720×1280 [gitorious.org]
  5. Output of findProperImages.sh [gitorious.org] is JS object and is saved in DefaultSettings.js [gitorious.org] file.
  6. Colors theme JS object is generated with generateColorsObject.sh [gitorious.org] and saved to DefaultSettings.js [gitorious.org] file.

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