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=<span class="caps">LDAP</span> Integration=
===Michael Schloh von Bennewitz===
===Cafe Moskau Mars A, 14:30-15:30===
===Qt Contributor Summit Minutes===
A one timeslot meeting was scheduled after hallway chats which led to interest in pursuing integration of <span class="caps">LDAP</span> in Qt.
* Discussion about licensing was discussed, probably due to developers’ concern of prototyping using ''OpenLDAP'' or integrating code from <span class="caps">KDE</span>.
* Lecture sheet is wrong to state that ''OpenLDAP'' includes the <span class="caps">GPL</span>. Instead it includes the <span class="caps">BSD</span>. This is not true either! After the fact, it was determined that ''OpenLDAP'' distributes its own license called the ‘OpenLDAP Public License’ which is similar to <span class="caps">BSD</span>.
* [http://api.kde.org/4.0-api/kdepimlibs-apidocs/kldap/ <span class="caps">KLDAP</span>] ''[api.kde.org]'' has been available for a while, seems to be actively developed but not that popular.
* ''<span class="caps">KLDAP</span>'' is qualified by the <span class="caps">GPL</span>, and could be a very important clue in progress towards <span class="caps">LDAP</span> integrating.
Use cases for <span class="caps">LDAP</span> integration in Qt abound, and many closely resemble use cases served (sometimes inappropriately) by the <span class="caps">QSQL</span> classes.
* Use cases abound including '''QNetwork''' <span class="caps">LDAP</span> authentication. Several examples were mentioned such as input completion in email clients and IP telephones.
* Many use cases served by '''<span class="caps">QSQL</span>''' could benefit from a '''<span class="caps">QLDAP</span>''' library.
* The differences between <span class="caps">SQL</span> and <span class="caps">LDAP</span> technology were mentioned.
* It was emphasized that <span class="caps">SQL</span> and <span class="caps">LDAP</span> are similar in many ways, at least in the sense that the problems that they solve overlap.
* <del>To reduce <span class="caps">API</span> (re)structure, <span class="caps">LDAP</span> components could be integrated into the '''<span class="caps">QSQL</span>''' classes.</del> It was agreed that any <span class="caps">LDAP</span> logic placed in or near Qt should not be integrated into the existing '''<span class="caps">QSQL</span>''' library. Instead it should be its own library, and probably take a back seat to priority libraries by means of becoming a addon component.
* Lecture sheets corresponding to the presentation will be published.
* Update! The sheets are available from the [ftp://ftp.europalab.com/pub/doc/lect/ldapint/ Europalab Fileserver] ''[ftp.europalab.com]''

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