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LDAP Integration

Michael Schloh von Bennewitz

Cafe Moskau Mars A, 14:30-15:30

Qt Contributor Summit Minutes

A one timeslot meeting was scheduled after hallway chats which led to interest in pursuing integration of LDAP in Qt.

  • Discussion about licensing was discussed, probably due to developers’ concern of prototyping using OpenLDAP or integrating code from KDE.
  • Lecture sheet is wrong to state that OpenLDAP includes the GPL. Instead it includes the BSD. This is not true either! After the fact, it was determined that OpenLDAP distributes its own license called the ‘OpenLDAP Public License’ which is similar to BSD.
  • KLDAP [api.kde.org] has been available for a while, seems to be actively developed but not that popular.
  • KLDAP is qualified by the GPL, and could be a very important clue in progress towards LDAP integrating.

Use cases for LDAP integration in Qt abound, and many closely resemble use cases served (sometimes inappropriately) by the QSQL classes.

  • Use cases abound including QNetwork LDAP authentication. Several examples were mentioned such as input completion in email clients and IP telephones.
  • Many use cases served by QSQL could benefit from a QLDAP library.
  • The differences between SQL and LDAP technology were mentioned.
  • It was emphasized that SQL and LDAP are similar in many ways, at least in the sense that the problems that they solve overlap.
  • To reduce API (re)structure, LDAP components could be integrated into the QSQL classes. It was agreed that any LDAP logic placed in or near Qt should not be integrated into the existing QSQL library. Instead it should be its own library, and probably take a back seat to priority libraries by means of becoming a addon component.
  • Lecture sheets corresponding to the presentation will be published.