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The venue is described here [kalkscheune.de].

  • All the EG including the courtyard [kalkscheune.de] will be available for registration, hacking, breaks & lunch.
  • All the sessions happen in 1.OG:
  • The Galerie [kalkscheune.de] will host the plenary sessions. 369 m2.
  • The tracks will be hosted in 4 seminar rooms [kalkscheune.de]:
    • Seminarraum IV: 122 m2 (about 80 people)
    • Seminarraum I: 55 m2
    • Seminarraum II: 45 m2
    • Seminarraum III: 44 m2


  • Big board at the lobby to keep the schedule up to date.
  • A rent car must be booked in advance and be available during the event.

Eat & Drink

  • Lunch will be provided for free.
  • Coffee etc also available, details tbd.