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=Android: Qt 5.4 and beyond=
==Qt 5.4.0==
===Major feature #1: Intents===
* «Intent» is the main <span class="caps">IPC</span> mechanism on Android.
* One app can start another and pass data to it…
* Either directly by specifying the package name
* Or by <span class="caps">URI</span> to launch the default app for the type
* Similar to iOS 8’s «extensions».
* We want a cross-platform <span class="caps">API</span> in Qt.
* Requires platform coordination.
* Similar concepts on other platforms?
====Discussion points====
# There are two separate parts: outgoing intents and incoming intents
# Declaring that an app handles incoming intents is specified at build time
# The big unknown is how to do the data bundling – maybe we should use the <span class="caps">MIME</span> support that’s already there
# We need to create a cross-platform <span class="caps">API</span>
# What about WinRT?
===Major feature #2: Native look and feel in Qt Widgets===
* Bring the Qt Widgets style to non-Ministro apps
* New Qt Quick Controls style
* Well underway already
===Major feature #3: Native WebView===
* QWebEngine not possible on iOS
* Even on Android, would make the app unfeasibly large
* Make a small <span class="caps">API</span> on top of native <span class="caps">API</span>s
* Safari on iOS
* Chrome on Android
* Safari on <span class="caps">OSX</span>?
* Explorer on Windows?
* Fallback on other platforms: QWebEngine
* Work done for Android
* <span class="caps">API</span> still pending further discussion
====Discussion points====
We do it for iOS and Android first. Desktop platforms and WinRT later.
===Some minor things:===
* Support qmlimportscanner in androiddeployqt
* Finalize bearer management
* Maybe: Notification on SD card removal
* Some other things on our list have already been done:
* Pregenerate assets cache
* Refactor input methods <span class="caps">API</span>
==Beyond 5.4…==
* Support listing used plugins in .pro file
* Public Java <span class="caps">API</span>s (must be stabile first)
* Tool buttons in Action Bar
* Support remaining sensors
* Generic view container
* Non-textured video
* Configurable soft keyboard resize behavior
* Multiple default fonts
* Proper text selection support
* Finger panning abstract scroll area
* <span class="caps">OBB</span> Support
==Similarly, for Qt Creator…==
* Expand AndroidManifest editor
* Setting splash screen
* Support for diagnostics tools (Valgrind, Gprof)
* Easy integration of third-party libraries
* Better support for editing Java code in an external Java <span class="caps">IDE</span>
* <span class="caps">OBB</span> tooling
====Discussion points====
Generic, cross-platform configuration for AndroidManifest/info.plist? – spun off into separate session
==Open Discussion==
* Openness and visibility of the development process
** Most of the discussions happen on the ''#necessitas'' <span class="caps">IRC</span> channel
** We should probably send out regular update reports
** The Qt android development list was mainly for the initial Necessitas integration to Qt 5. We should try to use the Qt development list, since many of the issues are relevant for other platforms
* Concerns about features exclusive to the commercial version of Qt

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