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h1. [[Tizen|Qt for Tizen]]: 1.0 Alpha 1 Release
= [[Tizen|Qt for Tizen]]: 1.0 Alpha 1 Release =
== Announcement ==
== Announcement ==

Latest revision as of 16:15, 5 March 2015

Qt for Tizen: 1.0 Alpha 1 Release



Known Issues

  • Issue 1: install_development_packages.sh fails if online installer was used
    • Solution: A bug on tizen.org. Download appropriate sdk image from http://download.tizen.org/sdk/sdk-images/2.1b without using the online installer otherwise packages for emulator will not match packages from Tizen repository. (step 7.2 of emulator/README)
  • Issue 2: missing qtquickcontrols repository after initialization (step 5 of emulator/README)
    • Solution: append qtquickcontrols to the list, so the line should read:

./init-repository —http —module-subset=qtbase,qtsvg,qtdeclarative,qtscript,qttools,qtxmlpatterns,qtjsbackend,qtimageformats,qtgraphicaleffects,qtquickcontrols