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h1. [[Tizen|Qt for Tizen]]: 1.0 Alpha 2 Release
= [[Tizen|Qt for Tizen]]: 1.0 Alpha 2 Release =
== Announcement ==
== Announcement ==

Latest revision as of 16:15, 5 March 2015

Qt for Tizen: 1.0 Alpha 2 Release



Known Issues

  • Issue 1: Qt apps do not work due to OpenGL not installed and not enabled by default in Tizen 2.x on 210 and PQ reference Tizen devices. Qt requires OpenGL. Please follow instructions on the tizen.org wiki.
  • Issue 2: PathView blinking: can be seen in DateEdit and TimeEdit while flicking "picker bar". However it is related to Intel graphics card. On devices, emulator and width nvidia cards it works fine.
  • Issue 3: description to build and run on desktop is out of date. It will be updated soon.