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h1. [[Tizen|Qt for Tizen]]: 1.0 Alpha 4 Release
= [[Tizen|Qt for Tizen]]: 1.0 Alpha 4 Release =
== Announcement ==
== Announcement ==

Latest revision as of 16:15, 5 March 2015

Qt for Tizen: 1.0 Alpha 4 Release



Known Issues

  • No Virtual Keyboard support. Planned for Alpha 5, it will be either integrated with default Tizen's keyboard or implemented with Qt.
  • No screen orientation changes on emulator. Screen orientation handling is based on orientation sensor - it looks like it returns confusing values on emulator.
  • No JIT Qml support on RD-PQ (It is transparent for developers - application starts a little slower). JIT support will be added when 5.2 will be released.
  • Emulator - crashes when closing QtQuick appllication. Problem is related to corrupt OpenGL stack on emulator. As QtQuick Scene Graph uses OpenGL it has impact on QtQuick application ran in emulator.