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Qt for Tizen: Contributors

{background:#ffff90}. |You can join us! Just let us know on G+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or subscribe to development@qt.io mailing list and request to join by email.|

  • Leon Anavi - software engineer, Qt Ambassador, mobile/embedded systems
  • Friedemann Kleint - consultant and code reviewer, Qt Specialist.
  • J-P Nurmi - software engineer, Qt Specialist, mobile/embedded systems
  • Tomasz Olszak - co-founder, Qt builds for Tizen, Qt Quick Components for Tizen, Qt Tizen Integration, mobile/embedded systems
  • Jarosław Pelczar - software engineer, Qt Specialist, embedded systems, works with Qt since 2009
  • Sebastian Sauer - consultant and code reviewer, Qt Specialist.
  • Jarosław Staniek - staniek at kde.org - co-founder, coordinating, marketing, releases, Certified Qt Specialist, Qt Ambassador, works with Qt since 1998
  • Witold Wysota - consultant and code reviewer; Qt Specialist, founder and admin of http://qtcentre.org, probably the most popular Qt forum, active in education, teaches to use Qt
  • Rangel Ivanov - mobile app developer and open source enthusiast
  • Philippe Coval - rzr at gna.org - reviewer and contributor and Qt Ambassador, MeeGo fan

Media Partners

See Media Partners.

Who's Who in Tizen

This list is meant to be helpful for contacting the Tizen crew. This information is based on publicly available data.

  • Daehyeon Jung - Samsung - Assistant Engineer - listed as author of the Tizen.org UX Guide
  • Brian Warner - Linux Foundation - Support for Samsung and Intel within Tizen, full-service budget management for Tizen, support required to build and sustain healthy open source communities, monitoring the overall health of hosted projects, and providing early insights into changes in the project communities