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Qt for Tizen: Source code

Released source packages

Development versions

Tizen build tools repository

This repo is kept outside of the Qt Project structures.

For users and developers: to get the repository:

git clone git://gitorious.org/tizenbuildtools/tizenbuildtools.git

This repository contains script for building Qt in one command. See README file in device or emulator subdirectory.

If you want to build Qt for Tizen for PC then simply download Qt sources and qtquickcontrols-tizen sources, checkout qtquickcontrols and qtquickcontrols-tizen to wip/tizen branches and build Qt. Next export QT_QUICK_CONTROLS_STYLE=Tizen environment variable to use QtQuick Controls Tizen style.

Qt Quick Controls for Tizen repository

This repo is kept within the Qt Project structures.

For users: to get read-only repository:

git clone -b wip/tizen git://gitorious.org/qt/qtquickcontrols-tizen.git git clone -b wip/tizen git://gitorious.org/qt/qtquickcontrols.git

For developers: to get repository with access to code review. First, Set up Gerrit (registration, local setup, configuring git)

git clone ssh://<username>@codereview.qt.io:29418/qt/qtquickcontrols-tizen.git

Qt for Tizen(qtquickcontrols-tizen) repo is dependent on qtquickcontrols project. There are situations that we propose qtquickcontrols changes and can't wait until they will be accepted. In such cases they will temporary land in qtquickcontrols/wip/tizen.