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Qt for Tizen: Tasks

This page lists proposed/planned/performed tasks in the Qt for Tizen project.


  • Move the tasks to Qt Project's JIRA
  • Forum at Qt-project.org


  • Add sensors integration
  • Research about Qt screen size and native Tizen indicator. Currently Tizen indicator is 60px high and all Windows should have 720x(1280-60) or (720-60)x1280 sizes. We need to consider indicator in platform integration (even when full screen is check - indicator should not be covered).
  • Add screen orientation handling from Application Window.
  • QWidget style that fits Tizen - useful for quick porting of Desktop UIs: low priority unless someone wants to help


Promotion & Funding

  • T-shirts
  • Donations
  • Tech & Media partners per-country (list at this wiki)