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We are working on restructuring and renewing and fixing the Qt Reference Documentation for the Qt 5 release. This consists of several parts:

  • API documentation: C++ API, QML API, and JavaScript related functions
  • Examples and example documentation: shows how the API are used
  • Overviews: explains the architecture and features of Qt

Changes from Qt 4 to Qt 5

Here is a brief summary of the important changes in the Qt 5 documentation:

  • QDoc's binary is now qdoc whereas in Qt 4, the binary is called qdoc3
  • The documentation is modularized. This means that the documentation for each module resides in their respective source directories. The directory doc/src is no longer used to contain overviews and API documentation
  • The Qt modules will have their own pages and they may be treated as separate projects with different release schedules.

Important Resources

These are important resources for contributing to or working with the documentation.

API Documentation in Qt 5

Essentially, each module needs:

  • landing page (using the command) see specifications
  • example page
  • c++ class list (using the command)
  • qml type list (command)

To get started, the QDoc Guide explains how QDoc generates documentation from QDoc comments.

Overview Documentation

Overviews describe a functionality, a group of APIs, and the technology in Qt. These overviews help developers decide which feature or API suits them best and helps them understand how the API cooperate within Qt and their applications.

For Qt 5, many of the overviews are being edited and rewritten for correctness and relevancy.

Example documentation

Examples have two components:

  • code - must compile and be delivered to the SDK. The .pro files must exist and SDK users must be able to compile them
  • documentation - the documentation walks through the example code. This page is created by QDoc's ' topic command

A brief list of the tasks: