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Local Qt meetups

  • Existing meetups:
    • Tokyo meets up often
    • Oslo once a month
    • Boston once every other month
    • California somewhat frequently
    • other unknown
  • Broadening the scope:
    • Barcelona Free Software: Idea started as Qt Meetup, but decided not to restrict to Qt - open up for all FOSS
    • Why limit it to Qt? Preaching to the choir
    • Experience from PDXCPP is also that there's a lot of variance of knowledge level
    • Conclusion: broadening the scope is a good idea for cross-pollination
  • Narrow scope experiences:
    • In Tokyo, 10-20 people every month come
    • Boston has a good experience for networking
      • One session about "what's new in Qt"
      • Topic of the day - a prepared session
    • You can find companies using Qt in job sites and see who's hiring
  • What's the sweet spot?
    • Not too big that people can't sit or can't get enough pizza
    • 50 is getting big
  • What to use to communicate?
    • Meetup.com
    • Whenever the meeting is announced, get your friends to sign up immediately
    • English content mostly - difficult to guarantee that everyone speaks the native language
      • Except in Japan
  • Sessions:
    • We could share presentations, content
    • Recycle content from other conferences too
      • Don't underestimate the power of a good topic (Intro to Qt Creator, etc.)
    • Typical length: 30 min
  • How can Tero help?
    • Calendar on the website/forums
    • Swag (stickers, pens, t-shirts)
    • Let organisers known when he's coming
    • Talk to Jens
    • Topic list with content for meetups
    • Provide Social Media visibility