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  • Deprecation of APIs
    • qrand/qsrand -> replacement is Standard Library or your own
  • FIPS compliance
    • QCryptographicHash, random generator
    • requires external (optional) implementation, provided by OpenSSL
    • loading of OpenSSL libcrypto: either via QtNetwork or by compile-time switch (-openssl-linked)
    • Later: Use the SHA1 & SHA256 instructions
  • QStringView & QByteArrayView
    • Deprecate QStringRef
    • Not QArrayView: discuss later
  • allocator for QObject
    • custom operator new()
    • might conflict with combined moc space savings
      • which conflicts with includemoc for Clang warnings
  • Metaobject improvements for QML
    • make separate session
  • Animation framework, item models & statemachine
    • Move out of QtCore in Qt 6
    • MIME type too?
  • C++11 Standard Library compatibility list
    • no volunteers yet
  • C++ ABI
    • libstdc++ still breaking compatibility in std::function
    • not now, revisit in a year or two
  • C++17 filesystem
    • go for it, inline only, QT_HAS_INCLUDE(<xxx>)
  • C++11 API style compatibility (empty vs isEmpty)
    • no update