QtCS2021 - Qt Creator Feedback

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Session Summary

Let's talk about the current state of Qt Creator, and where it's heading. Please join if you have feedback or (constructive) opinions on Qt Creator :)

Session Owners

  • Kai Köhne (kai.koehne@qt.io)
  • Alessandro Portale (alessandro.portale@qt.io)


Quick Intro and slides by Kai

  • Exlplaining Release schedule / Upcoming versioning scheme
  • Qt 6 support:
    • As target Qt version
    • As Qt version to build Qt Creator against (Qt Creator 6): qtpaths, qmldom, maoOS universal, Tracing lib.
  • Containerized toolchains
    • Why support them?
    • Current state (state report by anp)
  • Clangd
    • Using via LSP
    • Persistent AST
    • Feedbak: Please work on persistence. Parsing is too slow.


  • Debugger window positioning is missing keyboard accessibility. And user-defined positions seem to get too frequently reset to default.
  • Collaborative editing. Building blocks are missing.
  • Request for an ARCHITECTURE.md for easier diving into contributing to Qt Creator. Perhaps start with a Video? Also feel free to ask for help on IRC/ML.
  • Better refatoring support. Support the "standard refactoring actions", offered by other IDEs. Build on top of "built-in" code model? Or on top of clang tooling?
  • Qt Creator takes much more memory than it used to do. Caused by clang-tooling? Will temporarily get worse (until clang takes over)
  • Memory and CPU consuption infor per plugin.
  • Use Advanced-Docking-System docking system, like Qt Design Studio does?
  • Android: Attaching debugger to running application and logging is flaky. Need better overview of what works in which combination and what not. Kind of like in: QTCREATORBUG-25030
  • Opening top level Qt (or other big projects) makes Qt Creator freeze. Excessive QML/C++ parsing and Test scanning. It is reproducable by several users, but not yet studied.
  • Improve Python support? Debugging via PDB? Should already work for basic projects, but needs to be looked at. make Qt Creator less scary for Python developers.
  • Ad-hoc loading plugins needed for a specific plugin? Didn't we start something like that based on mimetypes?
  • Too many configuration runs of CMake. Document how to optimize that as user, also further investigate actual bugs in that area.