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This page will be used for nominations for the 2018 Qt Champions.

The nomination process is public. To nominate a community member, please fill in the details at the end of this wiki page.

We’ll keep the nominations open until the 16th December 2018 and then ask the current Qt Champions to evaluate the nominees.

The categories for nomination are:

  • Community Builder
  • Content Creator
  • Quality Assurer
  • Developer
  • Fixer
  • Ambassador
  • Rookie of the year
  • Maverick

Each category may or may not have a Qt Champion in a given year. The number of Qt Champions is limited. Being nominated does not automatically bring a title, but is a recognition in itself.

We know we have very talented Qt Champions out there, but please nominate a person for one category. You can nominate multiple people for a category, only Rookie of the year and Maverick are strictly limited to one Champion per year. You can nominate any member of the community, including yourself.

In the below table please add the following information of the person you wish to nominate for a Qt Champion title:

  • Qt Account username (or codereview name)
  • Category or Title to be nominated for
  • Reasons for nomination (max. 300 words, please provide links to relevant material if possible)
Username Title category Reason for nomination
Dheerendra V Purohit Community Builder/Developer/Ambassador My vote for Highest number followers in the Qt forum DHEERENDRA

He is the go to person for Qt & QML. He is available round the clock 24x7 in the Qt forum to contribute. His immense knowledge on the architecture, design & coding make his answer always easier and better understanding. He is always keep on help for the people who seek difficulty with any Qt & QML problem. For every question he prepares quick & crisp example. His profiles give right insight into how helps the people. He conducts the Qt know how session in Bangalore India to help the people. His answers are always cool & composed.

His friendliness, availability to help, approach of OOP concepts, clean coding, finding out where the error is beforehand even before looking at the code, makes him one of the highly experienced, approachable and prolific Qt Champions of this year too.

He is always kind to help others.He gives the solution in Qt forum with examples that are easy to understand.He is always active and try to help each and every individual in the forum.

His way of approach to any problem posted on the forum is highly impressive.

My self Shreshta.

I know Dheerendra sir from last 5 years, he is helping our college Qt community students and solving complex problems continuously. He has conducted live Qt and Qml project programs. We are set of group people working on Qt and QML projects under his guidance. He is the right person to nominate for Qt champion 2018

I am Adithya ,he is the person to go whenever i find difficulties in Qt platform. He gives a very reliable answer and quick answers in the forum.So I nominate Mr.Dheerendra He is down to earth person and comes up with simple/generic solutions for Challenging problems.

I am Kiran. My vote is for Mr. Dheerendra. As I follow him, I have got solutions for many of my issues by his posts.

He has immense knowledge on coding. The way he gives the solution makes me to solve the problem easily.

Always ready to help and fix errors in a code. His way of teaching helps us understand coding very easily.

A person who is meant for Qt and Qml with kind heart gives simple real time example for complex questions which gave solutions for my issues.  

Dheerendra has a strong technical hold in C++, Qt and QML, the level of technical knowledge help him resolve the industrial problem easily especially with application involving Qt\QML. So i like to nominate him for community builder.  

I am Vinod Kuntoji, I would like to vote for Mr. Dheerendra. He is one of the best trainer in Qt in India, best motivator, always cool and calm person, great knowledgeable person in Qt. According to me, there is nothing impossible for him in Qt. He can solve any kind of problems in Qt, He trained more than 10000 participants in Qt,Qml,C++. I worked with him for Gesture Recognition Project in Daimler Benz, India for 2 years, I really enjoyed working with him. He is always active in Qt forum. So he is the right person for Qt Champion 2018.

I am Anju. I vote for Mr Dheerendra as till date i have never met a person with QT knowledge base like him. Splendid content and fabulous content delivery. He knows the correct flow of grooming a new bizz to an expert in QT. His methodology is super organised. The most amazing part is that he goes to extreme internals of every topic and even explains the memory internals behind the scene which you will not get in books and only a person with practical hands on can deliver. Feel proud to call him my QT mentor.

Myself Hanumanth Phadnis.Mr.Dheerendra is pioneer in educating software developers,beginners and students about the Qt in India.https://youtu.be/MmPc0ANF5zw.I strongly feel that by making him Qt Champion ,we will be recognizing his service in taking the Qt to the developers,beginners and students.


Christian Ehrlicher Rookie of the year One of the most prolific non-Qt company developers for the past year, 74 tickets were closed by Christian in Qt 5.12 alone. His commit history is impressive especially considering he only started late last year.

If this wasn't enough he is an active code reviewer and Helps users on the forum.

Jonas E. Hjortlund (mrjj) Community Builder One of the most helpful contributors to the Qt Forum. His gentle and understanding approach combined with a deep knowledge of the framework helped countless users over the year. It's not a coincidence he ranks only behind Lifetime Champion Samuel Gaist in absolute upvotes on the forum.
André Hartmann (aha_1980) Quality Assurer/Developer The commit history speaks for itself, Andre' not only helped massively on the source code side, particularly in the development of Qt Creator and the serial module, he's also super helpful in code reviews and active in the social spaces to help other developers. His contributions are well designed, and his reviews are thorough. Never approves without actually testing the feature.

He constantly improves Git integration in Qt Creator. Most notable contribution this year was replacing the Branches dialog with a sidebar.

Alexander Volkov Developer/Fixer The commit history shows his extensive contributions, and he is known for his deep knowledge of xcb and X11.
Pierre-Yves Siret (GrecKo) Community Builder/Content Creator He spends a lot of time answering questions on the #qt-quick channel, as well as on StackOverflow and the Qt Forum, and his github includes some helpful utilities such as a QML-exposed QSortFilterProxyModel.
Orgad Shaneh


Developer With nearly 200 merged patches alone for QtCreator, Orgad is once again the external top contributor there. Meanwhile he has reviewed the same amount of patches contributed by others, always helping to improve the code quality.

This year, he also officially stepped up as maintainer of Creators Version Control module.

As if that wasn't already enough, he is also the author of Gerrit's "move bot" that we all love so much.

Luca Beldi


Content Creator/Community Builder After beeing very active in the Qt Forums for a long time (he's a moderator and has the third-best reputation), Luca finally started to contribute patches to Qt this year. He willingly shares his excellent C++ and Qt knowlegdge with everyone asking for help. His github profile contains a lot of advanced Qt examples, and along the way he maintains QtXlsxWriter, a package that provides a Qt interface to MS Excel files.
Ekkehard Gentz


Content Creator The single best resource for mobile development with Qt. He has pioneered many staples like file sharing. His series of articles is a must read for anybody even thinking about building an App with Qt. He also developed 2 Conventions app with Qt and shared them on his github to serve as a great example for other people looking at the space.
Konstantin Shegunov


Ambassador/Community Builder Do you have that friend/colleague that you know you can go to with problems that are making your brain explode? Konstantin is that guy for the Qt community. He might not be the most prolific contributor in terms of quantity but he's always involved in the hardest problems that show up on the forum and offers invaluable insight to solve them, using his sharp eyes to help debugging difficult threading issues and his great insight into Qt inner workings. He is always ready to dig in and find the real culprit in complex situations and provide guidance in handling compiler issue with a profound understanding of the tool chains at machine level and is always willing to give that knowledge to others. On top of this, he maintains a library to create daemons/services and also finds time to squash some quite pesky bugs in the Qt framework, making sure Qt is the best it can possible be.
Johann Specht


Community Builder This year fastest-growing profile in terms of upvotes on the forum. His profile clearly highlights how many people benefited from his help.
Thiago Maciera Community Builder One of the few that's able to help with the deep, dark issues on the mailing list, where he is prolific. His deep knowledge of Qt internals is an invaluable resource.
Kazuo Asano


Ambassador One of the most active continuing to play at the Qt Users' Group in Japan,Nagoya.He actively holds study-sessions at every month.In addition, hold a seminor at the open source conference in Nagoya.This year, He's also wrote a book about Qt for Python and effectively appeal Qt to user.

Criteria for Qt Champions:

  • Community Builder
    • Being a forum maintainer / helping people on forums
    • Managing mailing lists / helping on the mailing lists
    • Helping Qt newcomers find their way around the project
    • Running Qt study groups
    • Running local Qt meetups
  • Content Creator
    • Finding, writing and sharing use-cases of Qt in unexpected places
    • Creating video material of Qt (demos, guides, other material)
    • Authoring articles and even books
    • Fixing documentation issues
    • Creating examples and snippets
    • Being a wiki gardener / editor
  • Quality Assurer
    • Bug triager
    • Being in the bug squad
    • Verifying and closing bugs
    • Help in package testing
    • Help in unit testing
    • Being in the community beta testing program
  • Developer
    • Providing new features for Qt
    • Create stunning Qt applications
    • Share Qt application creation knowledge
  • Fixer
    • Fixing bugs in Qt
    • Providing patches to Qt
  • Ambassador
    • Spread the Qt word in blogs, social media, videoblogs
    • Find and help newcomers to Qt
    • Working to bring Qt to students
    • Present Qt at events
  • Rookie of the Year
    • First code commit during the past year
    • Active and positive contribution to the Qt project
  • Maverick
    • Has made a significant impact on the project
    • Might not have always followed the rules to the point, but gets the job done

What is expected of a Qt Champion

A Qt Champion is there to show what the Qt Community is best at.

The Qt Champion is friendly and has shown active participation with the Qt project.

Limited time only

Once you are given the title of Qt Champion, you will hold the title for a year.

If you achieve the title for three years, you will be entitled for a lifetime title. If you are so committed to the project, you need to be recognised beyond a normal Qt Champion title.

But I get paid to do this! / What if we are a company?

Yes, some of us are paid to work on Qt by our employers. Mostly on the code base, but also testing, documentation and other essential work goes on in the project. Some of the people who do get paid to work on the project do so above and beyond the normal limits of their day jobs (coding all day and helping newcomers in their free time, for example). We need metrics to find these people and provide them with a Qt Champion title too.

Tools to help figure this out

To find the top non-Qt-company contributors in a repo:

git log --since=2018-01-01 | grep Author | grep -v qt.io | sort | uniq -c | sort -n