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This page will be used for nominations for the 2020 Qt Champions.

The nomination process is public. To nominate a community member, please fill in the details at the end of this wiki page.

We’ll keep the nominations open until the 6th December 2020 and then ask the current Qt Lifetime Champions to evaluate the nominees.

The categories for nomination are:

  • Community Builder
  • Content Creator
  • Quality Assurer
  • Developer
  • Fixer
  • Ambassador
  • Rookie of the year
  • Maverick

Each category may or may not have a Qt Champion in a given year. The number of Qt Champions is limited. Being nominated does not automatically bring a title, but is a recognition in itself.

We know we have very talented Qt Champions out there, but please nominate a person for one category. You can nominate multiple people for a category, only Rookie of the year and Maverick are strictly limited to one Champion per year. You can nominate any member of the community, including yourself.

In the below table please add the following information of the person you wish to nominate for a Qt Champion title:

  • Qt Account username (or codereview name)
  • Category or Title to be nominated for
  • Reasons for nomination (max. 300 words, please provide links to relevant material if possible)
Username Title category Reason for nomination
KDE Project Ambassador, Community Builder, Developer The KDE project has been a large user and promoter of Qt for the past decades. They help contribute with developer out-reach, packaging, bug reports/fixes, as well as a great source of developer recruits for all companies operating in the Qt space.

(I know this is not a person, but I think that the project as a whole deserves the recognition of being considered a Champion)



Content Creator Bryan Cairns (aka Voidrealms) is a Qt Champion for many. His latest courses on Udemy serve as a one-stop resource to not just get started but writing efficient code using Qt C++, QML, and Qt Widgets (https://www.udemy.com/user/bryan-cairns/). There is minimal material available on the Internet, especially for design patterns, and Bryan has done a superb job by creating a super useful course on "Qt5 Design Patterns" (https://www.udemy.com/course/qt-5-design-patterns/). Additionally, Bryan administers a unique community of supportive developers on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1400884323467285/). Never have I ever found a community so helpful and supportive of each other on a global scale.

The cherry on the cake is that Bryan provides most of his courses for free from time-to-time.

So, he deserves more recognition from the Global Qt community. And awarding him as a Qt Champion will be a step in the right direction.

mikhailsvetkin Content Creator, Developer, Community Builder Mikhail has done a great job this year with the Qt Http server! (https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-60105)

An async option has been added this year after all the discussions we've had, and it works flawlessly! The quality of the code and the abundance of tests gives us the confidence to use this server is all our environments.

And best of all he's always responded with very precise information when we ask for help, what a gentlemen!!

Łukasz Kosiński (Scythe-Studio) Community Builder,

Content Creator,



Łukasz Kosiński is a person who created a new version of open-source ZXing library wrapper for scanning and generating QR & barcodes in QML. Great and easy-to-use library.

He also spreads knowledge about developing apps using Qt and the framework itself on his personal LinkedIn and Scythe-Studio blog. On top of that, he runs a blog binarnie.pl dedicated to programming adepts who are on the beginning of their journey to becoming IT experts. On the blog, there are posts on various topics, including free Qt course.

Criteria for Qt Champions:

  • Community Builder
    • Being a forum maintainer / helping people on forums
    • Managing mailing lists / helping on the mailing lists
    • Helping Qt newcomers find their way around the project
    • Running Qt study groups
    • Running local Qt meetups
  • Content Creator
    • Finding, writing and sharing use-cases of Qt in unexpected places
    • Creating video material of Qt (demos, guides, other material)
    • Authoring articles and even books
    • Fixing documentation issues
    • Creating examples and snippets
    • Being a wiki gardener / editor
  • Quality Assurer
    • Bug triager
    • Being in the bug squad
    • Verifying and closing bugs
    • Help in package testing
    • Help in unit testing
    • Being in the community beta testing program
  • Developer
    • Providing new features for Qt
    • Create stunning Qt applications
    • Share Qt application creation knowledge
  • Fixer
    • Fixing bugs in Qt
    • Providing patches to Qt
  • Ambassador
    • Spread the Qt word in blogs, social media, videoblogs
    • Find and help newcomers to Qt
    • Working to bring Qt to students
    • Present Qt at events
  • Rookie of the Year
    • First code commit during the past year
    • Active and positive contribution to the Qt project
  • Maverick
    • Has made a significant impact on the project
    • Might not have always followed the rules to the point, but gets the job done

What is expected of a Qt Champion

A Qt Champion is there to show what the Qt Community is best at.

The Qt Champion is friendly and has shown active participation with the Qt project.

Limited time only

Once you are given the title of Qt Champion, you will hold the title for a year.

If you achieve the title for three years, you will be entitled for a lifetime title. If you are so committed to the project, you need to be recognised beyond a normal Qt Champion title.

But I get paid to do this! / What if we are a company?

Yes, some of us are paid to work on Qt by our employers. Mostly on the code base, but also testing, documentation and other essential work goes on in the project. Some of the people who do get paid to work on the project do so above and beyond the normal limits of their day jobs (coding all day and helping newcomers in their free time, for example). We need metrics to find these people and provide them with a Qt Champion title too.

Tools to help figure this out

To find the top non-Qt-company contributors in a repo:

git log --since=2020-01-01 | grep Author | grep -v qt.io | sort | uniq -c | sort -n