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Status of QNX integration in Qt Creator

Tentative plans for next versions

  • Improve the deployment steps to allow users upload their Qt runtime into the QNX target
  • Support of QNX SDK for Apps and Media
  • Automatic detection of installed QNX SDP and creations of according Qt versions and Kits
  • Provide a fully functional CMake support for QNX projects
  • Support running Qt Quick only projects on QNX targets

Key development works and features

Qt Creator 3.1

The Qt Creator 3.1 does not come with noticeable features regarding the QNX development compared to the last previous versions. Most of the work that has been done in the QNX plugin in the 3.1 version was targeting the BlackBerry 10 development side. That's said, Qt Creator provides all basic funtionality to build, deploy and run your Qt application on a QNX board. Further details on how to use Qt Creator 3.1 for QNX development are available in Setting-up-Qt-Creator-for-QNX

Known issues

Qt Creator 3.1.0

  • CMake plugin doesn't provide any generators for QNX kits when creating a new CMake project or switching to a QNX kit. This is fixed for the 3.1.1 patch release. Further details how to use CMake in Qt Creator for QNX development are available in Setting-up-Qt-Creator-for-QNX

Qt Creator 3.1.x

  • The application packaging provided by the QNX SDK for Apps and Media 1.0 is not supported yet. This will be improved in upcoming releases, see https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTCREATORBUG-12147
  • Application deployment requires a few manual changes in a "pro" file and in the project settings in Qt Creator, see http://wiki.qt.io/Setting-up-Qt-Creator-for-QNX. This will be improved in upcoming releases.
  • Users have to manually configure Qt on QNX versions and create Kits in QtCreator manually if they use a different installation of Qt Creator than the one provided with the Qt on QNX installer
  • Qt Creator Kits and related Qt versions for QNX which have been provisioned during the installation cannot be changed. They can only be deleted and then recreated with other settings.
  • Qt Quick only projects (those which do not provide an own C++ launcher and are based on .qmlproject project file) are currently not supported. Add a C++ launcher to such a project to resolve this. A reference C++ launcher is provided "Qt Quick Application" templates in the "New File or Project" wizard.

Where and how to report issues

If you encounter any issue that is not documented, please file a bug report in https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTCREATORBUG/component/19925

When are next releases comming