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QtMediaHub is a reference implementation of XBMC intended to showcase the power and convenience of QML. It is as a demo for use at Qt related events. It is intended for research and to convey best practices when using Qt/QML.


  • Completely skinnable - QtMediaHub is completely written in Qt Quick(1/2) and is thus completely skinnable. The core code is a C++ based media engine (aka runtime) that provides various platform and board dependent services. The QML User interface expose functionality at their discretion.
  • Support Qt4 and Qt5 (Qt4 implies QtQuick1 and Qt5 implies QtQuick2).
  • Controllable using a N9 remote control application. Device discovery is done through ZeroConf.
  • Media streaming to stream content from your set top box to another device
  • Packaged skins using a custom qar format
  • Allows custom media integration alongside any built-in media integration of Qt Mobility.


There are different skins for corresponding graphic engines. See Category:QtMediaHub::Matinee for an example.


The source code was located at gitorious https://gitorious.org/qtmediahub. Note that we are in the process of moving the git repositories to the qt.io.


Building QtMediaHub once you have a functional Qt4 or Qt5 for your target is trivial.

  • qmake (for install prefix use 'qmake PREFIX=/usr/', default PREFIX is /usr/local)
  • make


  • ./bin/qtmediahub (on mac use ./bin/qtmediahub-launcher)