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Agenda/Minutes September 14th, week 37, 2010

QML / QtDeclarative

  • bugs, looking at new models, supporting versions on properties and methods in qobject. text performance experiments. scenegraph text handling
  • when do we change QML to scenegraph? When it's finished - some time next year? It will be a very smooth migration for plain QML
  • Physical Units support
    • mobility system info runs JS expression per property. slow!
    • QPainter has it already
    • best solution is to expose function call =cm() / mm()= with caching it and not requiring to execute a JS expression

Bauhaus / Creator

  • working on designer. Qt Quick components inside Designer being tried out, using Mx style
    • dependency for current style is libmeegotouch, on linux - Mx style hasn't been worked on for a while
    • could we persist all pixmaps to enable running on other platforms, needed for Qt Quick Designer on multiple platforms
    • would also need to do the same for CSS too..
  • working on debugger
    • implementing features - both side navigation (designer / source code), changing properties applied directly to running app, hover / tooltip
    • would be nice to be able to emit signal / execute JavaScript
    • server side of inspector needs to be integrated back to Qt
    • unify inspector/debugger naming for QML?


  • class chart, looking at feedback. It's still too unreadable
  • looking at Qt Components documentation


  • finished slider progress bar, working on dropdown menu. first version of the demo MeeNotes
  • Qt Quick Components code camp week before dev days munich

QML Enablers

  • split out gesture in separate module
  • GestureArea API in review, needs to be more declarative


  • progressing nicely, performance is quite good now - significantly better than QGraphicsView-based QML on average