Qt 5.4.0 Known Issues

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Known Issues – Qt 5.4.0

All platforms

  • Installation over the existing installation not supported
    • QTIFW-278: SDK 5.1.0 rc1 : installation over existing installation fails
  • Examples in Qt Creator Welcome mode is empty
    • Workaround: Start Qt Creator with clean settings (e.g. for temporary testing: ‘-settingspath /some/temp/dir’
  • Qt Creator shows %{Qt:Version} in kit name / Qt version name
    • You still use Qt Creator 3.2.2 (because you are using the online installer). Qt Creator 3.3 (that knows the placeholder) will be released together with Qt 5.4.0.


  • QTBUG-39897: Packaged libQtWebKit fails to load: conflict between (system) libxml2 and shipped libicu
    • This can show up e.g. in crashes when trying to open Qt Creator’s Help, Widget Designer, or Qt Assistant.
  • QTBUG-43205: The build on Linux is broken if you don’t have dbus header files installed or Qt cannot find them (it needs pkg-config).


  • if you want to install a Qt for Visual Studio be sure you have the related Visual Studio installed
  • Qt Creator does not support Windows XP.
    • Workaround: Disable ‘Welcome’, ‘QmlProfiler’, QmlDesigner’ plugins
  • Qt Creator does require a working DirectX/DirectDraw backend
    • Enable Accelerated 3D support if you run Windows in e.g. VirtualBox, VMWare
  • QTBUG-32864: WMF plugin fails to load on Windows Vista (no service found for – “org.qt-project.qt.mediaplayer”)
    • Workaround: If you target Windows Vista, rebuild the plugin (qtmultimedia/src/plugins/wmf) using the Windows Vista SDK.
  • The Just-in-time compiler is disabled in QtQml – this will be fixed in Qt 5.4.1.

WinRT / Windows Phone

  • Please install Visual Studio 2013 Express Update 3 (or 4) for Windows (Professional/Ultimate versions are also supported, as long as the Windows Store App components are installed)
  • Note that not all mobile related modules are supported (e.g. bluetooth, etc)
  • QTBUG-41753: When deploying to Windows Phone in release mode, VS fails to find the Qt plugins. Two workarounds (one permanent and one per-project) are detailed on the bug report.

Mac OS X

  • Qt binary packages: qmake may stop with an error claiming the macosx10.8 SDK can’t be found.
    • Workaround: Edit clang_64/mkspecs/qdevice.pri, comment out the QMAKE_MAC_SDK line.
  • QTBUG-31724: can’t debug into qt libs on Mac (it hasn’t worked since 5.0.0)
    • Workaround: Compile Qt on your own (configure -developer-build provides both release and debug libs)
  • QTBUG-35211: Apps using Qt WebKit 2.0 are not deployable on Mac OS X (QtWebProcess fails to deploy/start)
  • QTBUG-35317: Qt Quick1 apps that use Qt WebKit 1.0 fail to deploy on Mac OS X
  • QTBUG-35506: Qt Quick Controls applications launched using qmlscene might not display the menubar until they lose and regain focus


See “Qt for Android known issues


See “Qt for iOS known issues

BlackBerry 10

See “Qt5 Status on BlackBerry 10


See “Qt Status on QNX


  • QTBUG-41611: macdeployqt on OSX must be run with a non-empty -executable= command line switch to force @loader_path install names in the bundle instead of @executable_path.
  • Building on OSX currently requires at least XCode version 5.1. This will remain a requirement for Qt WebEngine. Changing it would require significant changes to the Chromium code base that are going against the direction Chromium is being developed.
  • Building on Windows currently requires Visual Studio 2013 or Visual Studio 2013 Express Edition This will most likely remain a requirement for Qt WebEngine. Changing it would require significant changes to the Chromium code base that are going against the direction Chromium is being developed.
  • On Windows, you need to add the gnuwin32/bin directory from your Qt checkout to your PATH when doing shadow builds.
  • QTBUG-43264: You should not run more than one instance of any given QtWebEngine using application. Each instance expects to the be sole user of its disk-based persistent data, and may cause corruption when two are using it at the same time. Running two different applications using QtWebEngine is not a problem as they use different data paths.