Qt 5.6.0 Known Issues

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Known Issues - Qt 5.6.0

All platforms


  • Qt WebEngine fails to build for Red Hat / CentOS 6.6 QTBUG-48298
    • Workaround: See patch in the bug report


  • Qt WebEngine cannot be compiled for Windows XP (QTBUG-49900)



  • Application crashes if project contains in any of its subfolders a QML component with QtNfc import statement (QTBUG-51860)

Qt Labs Controls

  • The Gallery example uses Qt Quick Layouts, which is shipped as part of the Qt Quick Controls component. However, in the installer the Qt Quick Controls component is not marked as a dependency to the Qt Labs Controls component. Both components need to be selected in order to be able to run the Qt Labs Controls Gallery example.

Qt 3D Technology Preview

Fails to compile on older versions of gcc, e.g. gcc-4.4.7 shipped with CentOS 6. There is a potential fix for this at https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/152345/ which will appear in Qt 5.6.1.