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All new features/modules targeting an upcoming major or minor Qt release must:

  • Be merged into the 'dev' git branch well before feature freeze date.
  • Be added to a Wiki page that list all new features (for example, New Features in Qt 5.5).
  • Fulfill criteria for new features/modules:
    • Compiles on all reference platforms. (If a module/feature is only for one platform, make sure qmake/make does nothing on the other platforms.)
    • Have tests. Automated tests should cover as much as possible of the new functionality. If certain areas are not covered by automated tests, agree with the Chief Maintainer on how to test those.
    • Have documentation. No undocumented public API. Basic docs have to be there, only polishing should still be required after the feature freeze.
    • Have examples. Have some examples showing how to use the API. Examples need to be linked to from documentation.

In addition, new modules must have a CI system well before actual feature freeze date. Contact CI team (qt.ci@qt.io) as early as possible.