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Qt 5 UiHelpers


Brief description

The UI Helpers repository contains non-widget based ui classes that are useful for those who intend to develop applications using Qt5/QtQuick 2 but do not want to depend on QtWidgets – mainly desktop applications. Examples of classes are QUndoCommand, QAction, QFileSystemModel, etc.


The work started with the change 15857, when we discussed about moving QUndo* out of QtWidgets. In this change, first we moved these classes to QtGui, then to a new lib inside qtbase. However, it was not considered ideal and the decision was to create a separated repo for these classes, leaving QtWidgets untouched (since the Qt community do not want to introduce new bugs in this lib).


Follows the table of QtWidgets classes that are available in the independent module UiHelpers. Notice we do not want to use the Ui prefix forever ;)

QtWidget Class UiHelpers Equivalent Status
QUndoStack UiUndoStack -
QUndoCommand UiUndoCommand -
QUndoGroup UiUndoGroup -
QFileSystemModel UiFileSystemModel Better example needed.
QStandardItemModel UiStandardItemModel Need both example and test.
QAction UiAction Needs code and tests cleanup. Also, an example.
QCompleter UiCompletionModel Needs tests. Example OK.
QProxyModel UiProxyModel WIP

We still doing experiments, far from a stable state. The plan is to go further, provinding an API more suitable to be used with QtQuick 2.

QtQuick Plugins

As the QtQuick is now a firs class citizen of the Qt world, we are creating a few plugins that ease the development of more complex applications in QML. The plugins are adaptions of the C++ classes of this module to have a declarative API.

Follows the table of the plugins we'll have and it's status:

Plugin Name Functionality Status
Quick UndoFramework QML friendly API to use the UndoFramework WIP
Quick CompletionModel QML model for completion WIP


The Qt5 UiHelpers target the following operating systems:

Operating system Supported Note
Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista/7 YES Tests needed
Windows CE YES Tests needed
Gnu/Linux YES Full support
MacOSX YES Tests needed
Others Unix YES All POSIX-compatible
Symbian NO -

Getting the source code

The official repositories are at code.qt.io. The qt-project repository accepts contributions, using gerrit code review tool.

code.qt.io mirror:

git clone git://code.qt.io/playground/uihelpers.git

Qt-project main repository:

git clone ssh://<gerrit username>@codereview.qt.io:29418/playground/uihelpers.git

Building and Installing


To build the module, be sure to have the Qt5 qmake in your PATH then go to the source directory of your local clone of the UiHelpers repository:

cd uihelpers


make install works as any other Qt 5 module, installing headers to $QTDIR/include/UiHelpers and libUiHelpers to $QTDIR/lib


There are few examples in the repository, contributions are welcome.


Suggestions and contributions are welcome!

After the initial import, patches must go through gerrit:

git push ssh://codereview.qt.io:29418/playground/uihelpers.git refs/for/master

We are using the same commit-template used by Qt 5. So, to make things easier, you can do:

git config commit.template $PATH_TO_YOUR_QT5_REPO/.commit-template

You can easily contact us on development@qt.io or #qt-labs Libre.Chat - anselmolsm, luisgabriel, mailson, dakerfp, lacerda, cidoca

To Do List

  • Docs
  • Examples
  • More tests
  • Improve model support in UiQuickCompleter
  • A complete example
  • Test on Window and OS X (contributions are welcome!)
  • Choose a better name for the project, like fixithere ;)
  • Become a Qt Add-on =)