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Session Summary

At the end of the workshop, we would have gathered best practices to create great video tutorials about Qt. The participants would know where to start in creating their own learning content.

Session Owners

  • Hanna Humaljoki


The session was an interactive workshop. These notes are screenshots from the whiteboard used.




Summary of the learning survey. 54 % of the respondents would like to create Qt learning content themselves. The most wanted learning contents were step-by-step courses and video tutorials.


Examples of nice video tutorials

Here are some nice examples of video tutorials the participants recalled.

URLs from the sticky notes:




What makes a great video tutorial?

Here are thoughts from the participants about what makes a great video tutorial.


From these, we selected two that were mentioned the most and continued with them.

#1 How to take "Getting to the point" into account when creating a video tutorial?

Here's what the participants think.


#2 How to take "Having the same information available in text" into account when creating a video tutorial?


What is the first (or next) step you can take in creating (Qt) video tutorials?

Here's what the participants thought they could do next.


Virtual Qt Learning Content Creators' Meet-Up

Thank you for your participation! 👍

We got a great start and can continue the discussion at the first virtual meet-up for learning content creators that is held on the 23rd of June at 4-5 pm (EEST).

If you would like to join, send a message to hanna.humaljoki@qt.io

Additional resources