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Session Summary

Some time ago, I wrote a hackathon project to enable Python scripting within C++ applications - the outcome was cool :). Due to the similarities, I decided to call it QtScrypt, because it kind of follows a similar idea as QtScript, but with Python. I would like to present the proof of concept I have, and if it's interest from someone else to start the development and create a proper project out of this idea.

Session Owners

  • Cristián Maureira-Fredes


taken by Friedemann Kleint

  • Hackathon Project running Python from C++ (Qt Script)
  • Idea: Simplify CPython API/Create a high level API for it
  • QScryptEngine with an evaluate() function
  • QVariant-based (due to mixed types in Python)
  • QScryptModule/QScryptFunction
  • Some confusion about super ()
  • Application bindings exposing QObjects (as historically in Qt Creator)?
  • Python scripting of Qt Design Studio was considered , but no capacity
  • Use Python instead of JavaScript in Qt Design Studio would be nice (developer POV) , for example Property Editor
  • Enable use of scientific packages from Python