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Session Summary

What is Qt Design Studio and how can developers contribute to the code base

Session Owners

  • Thomas Hartmann


(Taken by XXX)

What is Qt Design Studio

A short introduction to Qt Design Studio

Behind the Scenes of Qt Design Studio

Using Qt and Qt Quick for cross platform desktop applications

We ported Qt Design Studio to Qt 6

Qt Design Studio is available for Windows, macOS and Linux

Customized version of Qt Creator

Qt Advanced Docking System

Using Qt Quick for desktop applications

Studio Controls

How can I contribute to Qt Design Studio

No fork of Qt Creator

Qt Design Studio is a branded Qt Creator

Different packaging of Qt Design Studio

Qt Design Studio comes with a specific Qt version for the runtime

Qt Design Studio comes with custom components qt-labs/qtquickdesigner-components

Some parts like the Qt Bridges are closed source

Qt Design Studio supports the plugin API of Qt Creator