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Session Summary

Introduction to Qt Quick Effect Maker (QQEM), a work-in-progress tool to boost productivity for creating custom Qt Quick shader effects. Some history about Qt Graphical Effects, MultiEffect etc. compared to QQEM and a live demo!

Session Owners

  • Kaj Grönholm


(Taken by CristianMaureiraFredes)

  • main goal to have something more designer friendly.
  • History:
 Qt Quick ShaderEffect -> Qt Quick Graphicla Effects -> Qt Quick MultiEffect
  • Approach
 start from scratch, with no limitations.
 implement a tool that I want to use.
 Use it for real effects, evaluate and refactor.
 This should lead toa  perfect tool for creating custom effects.
  • Qt Quick Effect Maker is a tool designed solely to create custom shader
   effects. (Qt Hackathon 2022)
  • Live Demo
  • High level Overview:
 GLSL -> glslang -> SPIRV -> SPRIV cross -> shaders for diff RHI backend and
 shader versions -> cross platform QSB shader binary.
  • Live Demo
  • For technical artists, for example you can change the properties of the
 assets for example the snowflakes can be other colors than white.
  • One can use a new property with the same name, and that's modify the
 property instead of modifying the code itself.

  • For developers, you can edit most of the shaders details with the code.
  • Many formats in the tool, like .qen, .qep, etc.
  • Compared with other tools
 here the nodes are at higher level.
 nodes are functional effects on their own, code snippets with  some added
 Most of the node effect tools allow modifying the effects only on node view,
 here you have node view and text editor options (not limited to the node
  • Compared to Shadertoy:
   that's fully text-based, this has also nodes inteface to be more designer
  • Future
   is WIP
   plan for a public repo in qt 6.4, get feedback and maybe add it on 6.5
   QtDS integration is also udner work.