Qt Contributors Summit 2022 - Program/Qt for Python Discussion

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Session Summary

Discussion about future development in Qt for Python/Shiboken

Session Owners

  • Friedemann Kleint


(Taken by CristianMaureiraFredes)

  • Presentation of the Team
  • List of improvements since last year
    • PyPy support
    • wheel split
    • cross building
    • wheel size reduced
    • libraries split (libpysideqml, libpyside)
    • many new QML decorators
    • tools
      • pyside6-qmllint, pyside6-project
    • Improved documentation
  • Binding generation details
  • Shiboken (bindings generator)​
    • Opaque containers were added: Python bindings for C++ containers​
    • Made many types built-in: primitive C++ types as well as containers​
    • Type SbkObjectType was removed (is now aliased to PyTypeObject​
    • The Shiboken module can now be imported as shiboken6​
    • Improved documentation of new functionalities, options, etc.​
  • Future
    • Qt Enums as Python Enums
    • Improve embedded story
    • WebAssembly research
    • Deployment to android
    • Continue improvement on Python ecosystem


​** What I suggest is to use VoidPtr

    • Regarding PyPy support: found some issue. Will open a bug report.
  • Samuel
    • wheels for ARM?
    • Soon! Qt6 is arriving in Debian Testing, so once that's done we could workaround creating wheels.
    • Here is a preliminary set of wheels on Debian 12 (testing) arm64 https://qtinfo.dev/624_aarch64.tar.gz
    • Maybe the transformation of code within Qt/C++ snippets to a snippet file in Qt/C++ could be a nice task for people wanting to contribute.
      • Then, if the snippet/file exist, we can transform it.