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This is just to track support of Qt Webkit for HTML5. These are the ratings generating using html5test and on Qt Webkit 2.0.x

SCORE out of 400

Total Score is 212 And Bonus Points: 2

Parsing rules

Score: 1/11

<!DOCTYPE html> triggers standards mode Yes ✔ HTML5 tokenizer No ✘ HTML5 tree building No ✘ HTML5 defines rules for embedding SVG and MathML inside a regular HTML document. Support for SVG and MathML is not required though, so bonus points are awarded if your browser supports embedding these two technologies. SVG in text/html No ✘ MathML in text/html No ✘


Score: 20/20

canvas element Yes ✔ 2D context Yes ✔ Text Yes ✔


Score: 21/31

video element Yes ✔ Subtitle support No ✘ Poster image support Yes ✔ The following tests go beyond the requirements of the HTML5 specification and are not counted towards the total score. If a browser supports one or more video codecs, two bonus points are awarded for each codec. MPEG-4 support No ✘ H.264 support No ✘ Ogg Theora support No ✘ WebM support No ✘


Score: 2 bonus points: 20

audio element Yes ✔ The following tests go beyond the requirements of the HTML5 specification and are not counted towards the total score. If a browser supports one or more audio codecs, one bonus point is awarded for each codec. PCM audio support Yes ✔ MP3 support Yes ✔ AAC support No ✘ Ogg Vorbis support No ✘ WebM support No ✘


Score: 24/38

Embedding custom non-visible data No ✘ New or modified elements Section elements Yes ✔ Grouping content elements No ✘ Text-level semantic elements Partial ○ Interactive elements Partial ○ Global attributes or methods hidden attribute No ✘ contenteditable attribute Yes ✔ Dynamic markup insertion Yes ✔


Score: 31/90

Field types input type=search Yes ✔ input type=tel Yes ✔ input type=url Yes ✔ input type=email Yes ✔ input type=datetime Partial ○ input type=date Partial ○ input type=month Partial ○ input type=week Partial ○ input type=time Partial ○ input type=datetime-local Partial ○ input type=number Partial ○ input type=range Yes ✔ input type=color Partial ○ input type=checkbox Yes ✔ select No ✘ fieldset No ✘ datalist Partial ○ keygen Partial ○ output No ✘ progress No ✘ meter No ✘


Field validation Yes ✔ Association of controls and forms Partial ○ Other attributes Partial ○ CSS selectors Partial ○ Events Yes ✔


Form validation Yes ✔ Events No ✘

User interaction

Score: 15/15

Drag and drop Yes ✔ Session history Yes ✔


Score: 0/15

Microdata No ✘

Web applications

Score: 19

Application Cache Yes ✔ Custom scheme handlers Yes ✔ Custom content handlers Yes ✔


Score: 5/10

Sandboxed iframe Yes ✔ Seamless iframe No ✘

Related specifications


Score: 0/15

Geolocation No ✘


Score: 0/15

3D context No ✘


Score: 25/25

Cross-document messaging Yes ✔ Server-Sent Events Yes ✔ Both Mozilla and Opera do support the WebSocket protocol in their latest browsers, but have disabled it due to a fundamental security issue with the protocol. Once the protocol has been updated it is expected they will re-enable this feature. WebSocket Yes ✔


Score: 0/20

FileReader API No ✘ FileWriter API No ✘


Score: 15/20

Session Storage Yes ✔ Local Storage Yes ✔ IndexedDB No ✘ The Web SQL Database specification is no longer being updated and has been replaced by IndexedDB. Because at least 3 vendors have shipped implementations of this specification we still include it in this test. Web SQL Database Yes ✔


Score: 10/10

Web Workers Yes ✔

Local devices

Score: 0/20

device element No ✘


Score: 6/6

Text selection Yes ✔ Scroll into view Yes ✔