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Documentation Link: http://v-play.net/doc/v-play-appdemos-qtws2016-example/

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQgqTYCfJjM


The Qt World Summit 2016 Conference App was built with the V-Play Apps SDK. It's a conference management app that lets you browse the conference schedule, find detailed information on talks & chat with other conference attendees It showcases the following V-Play features:

This conference app enables you to:

  • Browse the conference schedule.
  • See detailed information for all talks, speakers and tracks.
  • Manage your personal schedule by adding talks to your favorites.
  • Customize the UI and switch between different native styles and colors.
  • Earn points for each app-start and favorited talk to climb the leaderboard.
  • Make friends and send messages with the integrated in-app chat.


This is an open-source app example. You can find the source code on GitHub or by downloading V-Play Apps.

V-Play Apps SDK

This app was created using V-Play Apps. This free SDK is now available for download.

V-Play Apps lets you create cross-platform mobile apps from a single codebase. It uses a component-based approach and responsive design to reduce code. It also provides native look and feel to iOS and Android users.

apptabbar-control-ios.gif apptabbar-control-android.gif searchbar-control-ios.gif searchbar-control-android.gif

Open Source App Example

You can find the source code for this example app on GitHub or download the app from the iOS App Store and Google Play. The source code of this app is included in the V-Play SDK as well. You can find it in the V-Play SDK at the following location:

<Path to your V-Play SDK>/Examples/V-Play/appdemos/qtws2016/QtWSApp.pro

The Qt World Summit 2016 Conference app is an open-source project so you can use it as the basis for your own apps. Change the code as much or as little as you like and create conference apps in a reduced amount of time.

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You can also view the source code for this app in the V-Play Sample Launcher.


The Qt World Summit 2016 Conference App was built with the V-Play Apps SDK. You can download the free SDK here.

You can download the example app from Google Play or the App Store.