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The Qt Writing Guidelines contains information about writing Qt documentation in a consistent way. Though there are exceptions, maintain the consistency level outlined in the guidelines or the existing Qt documentation.

Language and Article Styles - writing articles and pages

QDoc Guidelines - writing the QDoc files

These QDoc guidelines complement the QDoc Manual

Qt 5 Documentation Requirements

When writing Qt documentation, ensure that new Qt 5 modules conform to the requirements:

QDoc changes should pass the QDocRegressionTesting

Licensing Qt Reference Documentation

We distribute documentation, examples, or snippets under the following licenses:

  • GNU Free Documentation License: for pure documentation (typically in .qdoc files)
  • BSD 3-Clause License: for snippet documentation and examples
  • LGPL: for demo applications and when LGPL is warranted

The header for the licenses are located in qtbase and should be pasted on the top of the files.

Related Links

  • Qt Documentation Wiki - the main Documentation wiki which contains style information and contribution details. Also contains contact information for the Qt Documentation Team
  • QDoc Manual - contains a guide to QDoc as well as information about C++ and QML commands
  • Building Qt Documentation - outlines how to build the documentation for Qt 5 and for each module
  • doc-snapshots.qt.io - the documentation snapshot