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7. February 2019

- Fixed 5.13 deprecation warnings (which unearthed that we had a dependency on QString::isNull() vs isEmpty() in shiboken)
- Fixed a large number of shiboken code generation warnings (revealing some issues)
- Provided s solution for one issue mentioned at PYSIDE-725 (apparently Sharon Woods from US is involved in some consulting?)
- Will start formal release tag marking in Jira (matching Qt style)
- Data visualization tutorial fixes
- Talking about further integration of existing examples into general docs
- PYSIDE-803 further investigation - no conclusion yet
- PYSIDE-921 fixed
- PYSIDE-816 investigated - fix seems at hand
- restructured cmake files adding a master cmake file (simplifies opening of project in IDEs)
- worked on Homebrew issues
- fixed issue where Q_PROPERTY flags were not properly passed on to Qt

31. January 2019

- Preparing 5.12.1 release
  - Packages are looking good, likely to be released at same time as Qt 5.12.1 release
- Submitted class bindings of Qt RemoteObjects for PYSIDE-862
- Added classes QWebEngineHistory, WebEngineHistoryItem with required fix PYSIDE-906
- Have calls to method annotated as deprecated issue a warning
- Fixed warnings, prepared Qt 5.13 bindings (based on current 5.13 API additions)
- Looked into PYSIDE-816, PYSIDE-803
- Data visualization tutorial added
- working on ways of substitution of C++ specific terms in docs against Python equivalents (e.g. nullptr and bool)

24. January 2019

- Release branch for 5.12.1 exist
  - There was some issues in CI with 5.12 branch earlier this week and it was pretty much blocked. All issues should be solved now.
- Prepared class bindings of Qt RemoteObject for PYSIDE-862 for review
- Some creativity to keep integrations going due to COIN issues
- Investigation of PYSIDE-803 is ongoing. The issue needs deep analysis to isolate the problem.

17. January 2019

- Fixed PYSIDE-908, further investigation into PYSIDE-803 (free threading)
- QfP 5.12.1 release being prepared
- PYSIDE-797 (uic change ready for review)
- PYSIDE-862 (Qt RemoteObject module support)
- PYSIDE-634 being fixed
- started to look at true cross compilation (PYSIDE-802)
- Improving Qt Creator project template support (QTCREATORBUG-21824)

10. January 2019

- Scope for Qt for Python 5.13 release
  -> relevant tasks marked with Fixversion 5.13 in bugreports.qt.io
  -> feature freeze for Qt for Python 5.13 (April 2019)
- looked into case of corrupted meta data of wheel
- supporting named arguments for signals
- some minimal support in Qt Creator to create a Qt for Python project
- bug hunting in 5.12.0 release
- working on Pyside-797
- further analysis of PYSIDE-803, working on an implementation plan

3. January 2019

- Completed: Complete The Signature Introspection (PYSIDE-510)
- After the release there has been a couple of new reported bugs that we are working on:
 - There was some outdated documentation issue regarding Slots()
 - A couple of issues with multiple inheritance like: PYSIDE-868
 - and with QPlainTextEdit PYSIDE-886
- Restarted investigation of PYSIDE-803