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25. June 2020

  • Infra update
    • Release of the second set of Windows 64bit wheels.
    • Issues on the CI due to some internal issues, everything should be running soon.
  • (in progress) from __future__ import newapi
    • it's tricky to provide snake_case instead of camelCase
    • issues with tp_getattro
    • creating modified Python objects to replace the original types at runtime
  • (in progress) from __future__ import newproperties
    • Still many things to go
  • PYSIDE-1282 pthread crash solved, and will be merge in 5.14
  • Indentation fixes for generated code. Prefix adaptation for a standard format so it can be loaded in QtCreator (from warning and stuff)
  • Qt for Python 6 is partially working in some platforms
    • Still many missing modules,
    • CMakeLists.txt files needs some love,
    • Needs to adapt CI for the new dev branch
    • Windows has some issues still :)
  • libclang situation, are we sharing the same version for qdoc, qtcreator, qt, etc...?
    • Need to check in case we decide to update
  • Commercial wheels split progress

18. June 2020

  • Infra update
    • The new windows wheels still had some issues, it seems the latest are OK, and we would need to publish '_2' wheels.
    • Some issues with macOS builds for 5.15.0
  • Qt6 compatibility
  • Merged a bug fix to 5.12 (the CI was not broken)
  • (in progress) Qt6 Properties camelCase to lower_case
    • Not a trivial task
    • It's possible to rename dynamically functions, and other things.
    • Containers needs to be taken care too
    • Having more than one object with the same ID is challenging
    • Issues with str based objects
  • Fixed PYSIDE-1332, PYSIDE-1327
  • (in progress) Commercial wheel are almost ready on Linux, later some changes for Windows and macOS are required.
  • (in progress) WigglyWidget example almost there
  • (in progress) New StyleSheet tutorial.

11. June 2020

4. June 2020

  • CI Update
    • Limited API reports work
    • Improve integrations on macOS
  • Documentation updates for Qt Assistant
  • PYSIDE-1257 cx_Freeze issues seems to be related to cx_Freeze itself.
  • Q_ENUM and QFlag will be soon available.
  • New Shiboken example to expose a custom Qt Widget to Python
  • loadUiType is back into PySide (relies on pyside2-uic on PATH)
  • Other bug fixes.

28. May 2020

  • Releases
  • Documentation
  • CI Status
  • Backlog status check it here
  • QML Integration update
    • We are working on finishing the implementation of Q_ENUM, to be able to use the singletonType registration
    • Additionally, we are looking into the uncreatableType registration too.
  • Development branch for Qt6
    • We need the following before jumping into dev.
      • QList/QVector
      • QString -> integrated (clarity)

21. May 2020

  • Holiday

14. May 2020

  • CI Updates
    • CI blocked due to some provisioning issues in red hat
    • Release is on hold
    • 5.15 commercial release in preparation
    • License check
  • 5.15 Release
    • Pickling changes
    • Examples
    • loadUiType
  • Tutorials rcc, designer
    • Add project's tutorial.
  • Continue research of using Qt6
  • __qualname__ attributes are almost done
    • This changes was required for the pickling support.

7. May 2020

  • CI Updates
    • Issues with the provisioning, for example the connection with PyPi, still in progress.
    • We will add a requirements.txt for provisioning.
  • Issues
    • PYSIDE-1255 Signal not reached in QML
    • Pickling Qt Enums PYSIDE-15
      • Almost finished, but we are waiting for PYSIDE-1285 to be fix (modulename, qualname).
    • Many other minor bugs have been fixed, but still there are a couple of strange ones.
    • First attempts to build shiboken with Qt6
    • Ideas repo re-organization
  • Features
    • Commercial addons
    • Tutorials
      • rcc
      • uic
      • QTranslator (*)
      • ...
    • QtAssistant integration
    • loadUiType
    • The new way of registering QML properties needs to be applied to the code base.

30. April 2020

  • CI Updates
    • Issues with pip upgrades
    • Planning new Python versions for new configurations.
  • Update on bugs still around after
    • 1271: Deadlock (fixed)
    • 1255: Signal not reached in QML (still in progress)
    • 1280: Research
  • Features
    • QML interaction
    • Q_ENUM and pickling SbkEnum
    • Commercial Addons

23. April 2020

16. April 2020

  • Plan for 5.14.2-1 release
  • Research on Pickling support, PYSIDE-15
  • Provided fix for PYSIDE-1267 related to efforts of exposing QScintilla
  • Object dumper to help debugging python implementations
  • Debugging options for the code model.
  • pysideuic old functionality into the QUiTools module
    • compileUI
    • loadUiType
  • Q_ENUM discussion

9. April 2020

  • Most bugs reported in 5.14.2 are fix on 5.14
    • Preparing the process for the release of 5.14.2-1
    • Check about versioning on pypi to not override 5.14.2 wheels.
  • PYSIDE-813 is now fixed
  • PYSIDE-1255, Signals not being emitted.
  • Working on Q_ENUM

2. April 2020

26. March 2020

  • 5.14.2 Release
  • OKRs Update
    • Looking for commercial opportunities
  • PYSIDE-813 new discoveries found:
    • There are a couple of issues with one of the PYSIDE-803 patches that will be solved soon.
    • PYSIDE-164 is out of the picture
  • Lambda functions for QWebEngineCallback PYSIDE-946 so we can expose the missing bindings.
  • QVariant conversions tweaks PYSIDE-1250
  • Working on adding 'loadUiType' into PySide PYSIDE-1223
  • Research on adding Python support for Qt's lupdate: PYSIDE-1252

19. March 2020

  • 5.14.2 Release preparations
  • Work on Widget gallery example
  • Done: Refinements to wheel-tester.py
  • Done: Reworked test_wheel.py for macOS
  • Done: Fixed PYSIDE-1247 signature warning in Python 3.6
  • In progress: Instrumentation of PYSIDE-164/813

12. March 2020

  • CI Status
    • Everything up and running
    • 5.14.2 to be released next week hopefully.
  • PYSIDE-803
    • Almost there!
    • retrieveMetaObject improvements.
    • We will try to test it without the allow-thread patch to evaluate performance.
  • PYSIDE-813
    • we will keep PYSIDE-164 open until we find a solution that fixes both.
  • Starting to evaluate std::function compatibility with Shiboken.

5. March 2020

  • CI Update
    • Including Python 3.8
    • Maybe using alternatives to have many Python versions.
  • Priority bugs
    • PYSIDE-803
      • major changes in (caching)
      • still other minor patches to be merged.
      • allow-thread patch has a bug, maybe this can be detach from the snippets one.
    • PYSIDE-813
      • PYSIDE-164 appears again if we fix it,
      • Maybe a solution is to fix 164 in another way.
  • 5.15 feature status
  • Changes for Qt 6

27. February 2020

  • CI Updates
    • 5.12 cherry-picks
  • qApp
    • Deprecation message or alias (when using QtWidgets.qApp)
  • PYSIDE-803
    • Missing patches to be merged
      • Python 2.7 issues
      • allow-thread commit message (add a changelog)
      • second caching mechanism to be studied after we merge the first set of patches.
      • Third attempt after the stackless gilstate approach
    • Documentation
  • Python 3.8 testing is still being worked out

20. February 2020

  • CI Updates
    • Cherry-picking some changes to 5.12 to fix the virtualenv 20 issues.
    • macOS timeouts
    • possibility of merging simple changes directly.
  • qApp issues
    • Patches ready for review
  • PYSIDE-803
    • Patches needs some polishing
  • Testrunner improvements
    • stdout/stderr issues with ctest on windows
    • smart pointers tests crashing, due to qApp issues.
    • Python 3.8 is also giving problems (DLLs missing)
    • debug builds on windows does not work.
  • Shiboken documentation being reorganized
  • Starting testing Python 3.9

13. February 2020

  • CI updates
    • Windows package signing will be possible, hopefully soon.
  • Documentation updates
    • Example gallery
    • WebChannel example merged,
  • Python 3.8 changes on Windows are still being tackled.
  • Bugs
    • PYSIDE-803 status: A patch waiting for review is there, but we need to combine it with the other solutions we currently have. Still, there are some corner cases where the problem is not properly solved.
    • qApp issues to be solved, but we will remove the import features. qApp will remain as a built-in.
  • OKRS 1Q/2020

6. February 2020

  • CI status and issues with the Qt provisioning 5.12
    • 5.12.7 release will take more time to add new features.
    • 5.14 has some issues with OpenGLFunctions.
  • Documentation: Interest for the new shiboken2 documentation structure and usage of the ApiExtractor.
  • Python 3.8 compatibility with older branches.
  • Updates on PYSIDE-803 link
  • Suggestion about iterations a-la-python https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/PYSIDE-1216
  • Events
    • Qt World Summit 2020 Palm Springs
    • PyCon US

30. January 2020

  • 5.14.1 release rolling
  • Work on PYSIDE-1204
  • Work on PYSIDE-1191 PySide2 5.14 source now builds against Qt 5.12 as well
  • Further research on PYSIDE-803
    • full instrumentation of generated source for tracing,
    • discovery of new hooks to support. Still in flux.
  • Fixed some issues of Python 3.8 (most prominently warnings about implicit conversion to integers for QFlags), will be fixed in 5.14.2
  • qApp macro PYSIDE-1178 PYSIDE-1158 PYSIDE-1135 finally closed. One cleanup check in may follow.

23. January 2020

  • Fix for CI/macOS problem is in, but it requires some merges in Qt5. Until all required merges are done, we will use Qt5 5.14.1 with Qt For Python 5.14
  • Research on PYSIDE-803
  • Proposed an "until" attribute for typesystem files to make it possible to build Pyside 5.14 against Qt 5.12 PYSIDE-1195
  • Improved the view of compare app for PYSIDE-803
  • Analysis of PyQt5 and SIP implementation

16. January 2020

  • CI/macOS problems are being worked.
  • qApp fix waiting to be merged.
  • first attempts to tackle PYSIDE-803
  • Python 3.8 fix to old branches is required for distributions using 5.12 LTS like Conda.
  • Working on Q_ENUM support.
  • Viewer for PYSIDE-803 is ready to try. Please check out https://git.qt.io/playground/pyside-compare.git and give feedback.

9. January 2020

  • PYSIDE-803 needs to be tackled soon, it's critical, and we cannot carry that into Qt6.
  • Python 3.8.1 on Windows has some issues while building.
  • qApp macro changes discussion.
  • documentation updates are still pending.
  • with the release of 5.14 we have been fixing many details from uic's Python support.
  • designer's RUNPATH needed to be patched, waiting for approval,
  • A modular way of packing wheels is being studied.
  • Re-take the Python extensions for QtCreator project evaluation.