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Radio Tuner Demo


In this app there is a radio fine tuning simulation just to demonstrate the most important ListView elements. There are two types of navigation, pressing the left or right arrows to find the next valid station or just moving the list around.

In this demo you can see how a model is created dynamically and also change its view according to its index position. A good thing to pay attention to this app is that there are two ListModels. The one that is populated using javascript and a fixed one that contains all radio stations. Inside the JavaScript file there is a function called createModel that you can check how both ListModels get together and how they will be used on a ListView.

You can also try to change the ListView properties like highlightRangeMode and see how it changes the list behavior. Another useful property for you to check is the onCurrentIndexChanged list signal, it is really simple to track the current radio station number with it.


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NOTE: Installing this Qt Quick demo app on your Symbian^3 device will also install a beta version of Qt 4.7.1 which may cause the Ovi Store client or other Qt-based applications to fail. Until we update the apps with Qt 4.7.2 we advise you to not use your personal phone.

If you have installed the Qt Quick demo apps and consequently Qt 4.7.1 onto your device and want to uninstall the apps and downgrade Qt, follow these instructions.