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This page describes the process for creating new repositories on our Gerrit server.

Please send an email addressed to the mailing list. Please include the following information:

  • Name and description of the project
  • Responsible persons
  • Desired repository name (please try to follow existing patterns)
    • All projects which are meant to ultimately end up in the qt distribution should start out in the qt/ namespace.
    • The playground/ namespace is for projects which don't fit any other category.
    • qt-labs/ is a semi-private namespace for employees of The Qt Company. Repositories here can be created without consulting the external community, but using it just as a shortcut is discouraged (migration to the qt/ namespace requires community consultation).
  • If migrating from an existing repository, the URL of it, or explicitly say that you are not importing existing history
    • If you import verbatim history, it must comply with Qt's Commit Policy to a reasonable degree. Otherwise, you need to reshape or squash the history, and preferably submit it through the usual code review process.

Oswald Buddenhagen (ossi|tt) and Frederik Gladhorn (fregl) are the server admins who will ultimately execute the request, but please don't try to bypass the process.

Execution Details (for Admins)

  • Mirroring to is automatic
  • A mirror on github needs to be created manually, and gerrit's replication configuration may need to be adjusted
  • Some TQtC sites maintain local mirrors which require manual action
  • Repos in the qt/ namespace should be added to the qt5 super repo without much delay (typically without configuring them to be part of the default checkout yet).