Running QtMediaHub on ST7540

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  1. Qt 4.8.0 is configured, built and installed as per ST7540
  2. Can run STM's "Test-Tool" on reference board to test OpenGL ES 2.0 and media playback.
  3. "QTDIR" and "PATH" environment variables are set to use Qt 4.8.0 cross compiled and installed for ST7540 in your build terminal

Getting Source

You can get the latest source code from gitorious You can use sync-to-head to update your sources to latest version

Note that we are in the process of moving the git repositories to the

Multimedia Playback Support

QMH uses "platform specific media player application" (in ST's case it is the Test-Tool) to have media playback facility. This is achieved using "out of process integration" which means:-

    1. Start "Test-Tool" in background and redirect a FIFO ("/tmp/stapp_fifo2") to "Test-Tool"s STDIN
    2. Redirect "Test-Tool"'s STDOUT and STDERROR to a normal file ("/tmp/stapp_log")
    3. QMH issues commands to "platform specific media player application" to another FIFO ("/tmp/stapp_fifo")
    4. Have an arrangement to transfer data from FIF0 ("/tmp/stapp_fifo") to FIFO ("/tmp/stapp_fifo2")
    5. And QMH collects the feedback by reading "platform specific media player application"'s STDOUT and STDERROR

This is achieved using following shell (commands in a init) script on ST7540 reference board.

cd /root/app mkdir -p /dev/fusion

export MODULES_INSTALL_DIR=/root/app/modules export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/lib:/usr/lib:/root/app/modules:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

rm -f /tmp/stapp_fifo /tmp/stapp_fifo2 /tmp/stapp_log mkfifo /tmp/stapp_fifo mkfifo /tmp/stapp_fifo2

source /root/ && cd /root/app/ && ./bsptestapp_dvb </tmp/stapp_fifo2 >/tmp/stapp_log 2>&1 & sleep 30 while [ 1 ] ; do cat /tmp/stapp_fifo >/tmp/stapp_fifo2 ; done & sleep 30 echo > /tmp/stapp_fifo sleep 30

ST7540 specific media control integration can be found in files mediaplayerST7540.h and mediaplayerST7540.cpp


Use " -media-backend ST7540" configure option to enable multimedia playback capability of QMH

cd /path/to/qtmediahub/ /path/to/qtmediahub/configure -media-backend ST7540


Build QMH as follows

cd /path/to/qtmediahub/ make


As installation of QMH on ST7540 reference board copy entire "qtmediahub" directory so that its path is exactly same as that on build machine.

Running QMH on Qt 4.8 (QWS)

Setup QTDIR, QWS_KEYBOARD, QWS_MOUSE_PROTO and LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables as follows

export QTDIR=/path/to/installed/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.0/ export QWS_KEYBOARD="LinuxInput:/dev/input/event0" //Use appropriate device node export QWS_MOUSE_PROTO="LinuxInput:/dev/input/event1" //Use appropriate device node export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${QTDIR}/lib/:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH} export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:"/path/to/qtmediahub/qtmediahub-core/hub/lib/"

Rum QMH as follows to use OpenGL ES 2.0

cd /path/to/qtmediahub/ /path/to/qtmediahub/qtmediahub-core/hub/bin/qtmediahub -qws -keyboard -mouse -display eglnullws:size=1280x720 -skin=confluence -overlayMode=true -opengl-usage=true -opengl-viewport=true -opengl-format-hack=false

Rum QMH as follows to use DirectFB

cd /path/to/qtmediahub/ /path/to/qtmediahub/qtmediahub-core/hub/bin/qtmediahub -qws -display directfb -skin=delphin -overlayMode=true -opengl-usage=false -opengl-viewport=false -opengl-format-hack=false

Rum QMH as follows to use Linux Frame Buffer

cd /path/to/qtmediahub/ /path/to/qtmediahub/qtmediahub-core/hub/bin/qtmediahub -qws -keyboard -mouse -display linuxfb -skin=confluence— -overlayMode=true -opengl-usage=false -opengl-viewport=false -opengl-format-hack=false