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Sailfish OS [] is designed and optimized for mobile devices. It is based on Mer [] and the Linux kernel. Sailfish OS provides a cutting edge user experience built with QML, Qt Quick2 and Wayland [].

What is Sailfish OS?

  • Linux based operating system
  • Built on the heritage of MeeGo
  • Runs Qt/QML, HTML5 and Android apps
  • Uses Qt 5 & Wayland
  • Developed by Jolla []

What is NOT Sailfish OS?

  • NOT another Android based OS
  • NOT fully open (Sailfish UI part is currently closed)

Developing for SailfishOS

Useful Materials

  • Dolphinaric [] a SailfishOS/Mer/Nemo educational project provides useful materials and examples.
  • Developer guide []

Community sites