Set Installed File Permissions for Linux

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Here is a guide to set permissions for installed files on linux. In your .pro file, change QMAKE_INSTALL_FILE and QMAKE_INSTALL_PROGRAM to the following: QMAKE_INSTALL_FILE = install -m <permission octals> -p -o <user> -g <group> QMAKE_INSTALL_PROGRAM = install -m <permission octals> -p -o <user> -g <group> where:
  • <permissions octals> is the standard linux permissions octals (ex: 755).
  • <owner> is the owner of the file. This parameter can be ommited.
  • <group> is the group owner of the file. This parameter can also be ommited.
Here is an example implementation. In this example, I install my binary in the folder /opt/myApp and give it permissions 6755 with root as the owner and root as the group owner. unix { target.path = /opt/myApp INSTALLS += target QMAKE_INSTALL_FILE = install -m 6755 -p -o root -g root QMAKE_INSTALL_PROGRAM = install -m 6755 -p -o root -g root }