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This template creates a link to pages in doc.qt.io. The link can be configured by 3 parameters, of which only the first is mandatory:

  • The first parameter usually corresponds to the class name, but can refer to any link under doc.qt.io
  • The second parameter corresponds to an anchor, to allow linking to a specific section of the page. It defaults to an empty string, so the link points to the top of the page.
  • The third parameter is an optional label. It defaults to the anchor name, if it's provided, or to the first parameter.


  • {{DocLink|QWidget}} produces: QWidget
  • {{DocLink|QWidget|properties}} produces: properties
  • {{DocLink|QWidget|size-prop|size()}} produces: size()
  • {{DocLink|QWidget|size-prop|QWidget::size}} produces: QWidget::size
  • {{DocLink|QtWidgets-Index||Qt Widgets}} produces: Qt Widgets (note the empty anchor parameter)