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QtWebKit Module in Qt

The QtWebKit module provides a Web browser engine that makes it easy to embed content from the World Wide Web into your Qt application. At the same time Web content can be enhanced with native controls.

QtWebKit provides facilities for rendering of HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Extensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML) and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) documents, styled using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and scripted with JavaScript.

A bridge between the JavaScript execution environment and the Qt object model makes it possible for custom QObjects to be scripted. For detailed documentation see The QtWebkit Bridge. Integration with the Qt networking module enables Web pages to be transparently loaded from Web servers, the local file system or even the Qt resource system.

In addition to providing pure rendering features, HTML documents can be made fully editable to the user through the use of the contenteditable attribute on HTML elements.

QtWebKit is based on the Open Source WebKit engine. More information about WebKit itself can be found on the WebKit Open Source Project Web site.

White Papers


The QtWebKit documentation includes the following fully-documented examples:

{background:#009900}. |. Example |. Description| | DOM Traversal | Shows how to use QWebElement to inspect the document structure of a Web page. | {background:#ddd}. | Image Analyzer | A QtWebKit bridge application which contains a web interface and client-side processing. | | Previewer | Shows how to make a simple Web page previewer by using Qt's text input widgets together with a QWebView widget. | {background:#ddd}. | Simple Selector | A basic demonstration, showing how to use QWebElement to select elements in a Web page. |


{background:#009900}. |. Video |. Description| | Meet Qt WebKit | Focuses on recently completed features and ongoing projects | {background:#ddd}. | Programming with Qt - WebKit (by KDAB) | This is a teaser version of a full multi-day training course based on Qt Training materials. | | Programming with Qt - WebKit (by basysKom) | This is a teaser version of a full multi-day training course based on Qt Training materials. | {background:#ddd}. | HTML5: Beyond the Buzz | This talk presents some new features of HTML 5 that are already available in QtWebKit. We will also see how WebKit and native C++ can be used together with QtWebKit. | | QtWebKit: Qt and Web 2.0 | Explains the use of QtWebkit to integrate the native code and web in one application | {background:#ddd}. | Developments in the Qt WebKit Integration | This presentation introduces the QtWebKit APIs, the underlying engine and new features coming in future releases. |


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