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Alternative Combine

We call this program Actually it does no more and no less than the program, though it does it somewhat differently - it circumvents the multiple inheritance. Though multiple inheritance is a nice Python feature, many programmers, particularly those migrating from other language may well prefer to avoid it, because Python is almost unique in its support of multiple inheritance (note that C++ does support it, but not Java, C# or other usual object-oriented languages). Though we started of with multiple inheritance, some may well prefer this or some other alternative way. By using the name of we show that its difference from by appending "alter" to the name. The combine.ui and programs remain unaltered, so we simply use them without bothering to make it available from an upload. The program itself is available from the usual place

All current source code for "Close", "About", "Show Licence", all versions of "Combined", "Engineering Application" aka "truss" are stored in one repository tuts4pyside. For your convenience, please install a copy of the repository with the following command:

 git clone

Program listing follows.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# - combination of ShowGPL, About, Close scripts
import sys
import platform
import PySide
from PySide.QtGui import QApplication, QMainWindow, QTextEdit, QPushButton, QMessageBox, QIcon
version''_ = '0.0.0'
from ui_combine import Ui_MainWindow as Ui
import qrc_combine
class MainWindow(QMainWindow):
 def ''init''(self, parent=None):
 super(MainWindow, self).''init''(parent)
 # Store Ui() as class variable self.ui
 self.ui = Ui()
 iconToolBar = self.addToolBar("iconBar.png")
# Add icons to appear in tool bar - step 1
# Show a tip on the Status Bar - step 2
 ui.actionShow_GPL.setStatusTip("Show GPL Licence")
 ui.action_About.setStatusTip("Pop up the About dialog.")
 ui.action_Close.setStatusTip("Close the program.")
def showGPL(self):
 '''Read and display GPL licence.'''
def about(self):
 '''Popup a box with about message.'''
 QMessageBox.about(self, "About PyQt, Platform and the like",
 """<b> About this program </b> v %s
 <p>Copyright &copy; 2010 Joe Bloggs.
 All rights reserved in accordance with
 GPL v2 or later - NO WARRANTIES!
 <p>This application can be used for
 displaying OS and platform details.
 <p>Python %s - PySide version %s - Qt version %s on s"""  (''version'', platform.python_version(), PySide.''version'', PySide.QtCore.''version'', platform.system()))
if ''name'' == '''main''':
 app = QApplication(sys.argv)
 frame = MainWindow()

Basically, it is a matter of taste which method one uses - with multiple inheritance or without. Anyhow, it may well be easier ot adopt one or the other. Even though, it is good to have some familiarity with both methods, as one meets both when reading programs.

Enjoy the slightly different presentation of this very basic program setup!