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Wiki Syntax Help

ExpressionEngine uses a special wiki syntax to perform a set of actions directly on the wiki. The actual formatting is done by Textile. (have a look on the external page too Textism: Tools: Textile)

This is only a very short introduction. If you want to learn the more advanced textile features, the TextileSyntax wiki page has all the information for you.

Linking Pages

[[PageTitle]]<code> will link to a page with this title. If the page is not there yet you can create it by clicking the link. Please use camel case. This can also be used in the middle of a sentence like <code>This links to my [[AwesomeNewPage]] here.<code>
Display Title</code> will create a link with an alternative title displayed as in </code>This links to my awesome new page</code>

Linking to Qt Documentation

will link to the class page documentation of the latest Qt version, and show the class description as a tooltip. Example: QAccessible

Using Tables

Readability is enhanced if your markup indicates a title row and if you color the title row green and alternate entry rows with a light gray. Note the space before the | designating beginning of a cell.

{background:#009900}. |''. Title 1 |''. Title 2 |
| somestuff in clear row| more stuff |
{background:#ddd}. | some stuff in gray row | more stuff |

{background:#009900}. |. Title 1 |. Title 2 | | somestuff in clear row| more stuff | {background:#ddd}. | some stuff in gray row | more stuff |


</code></code> will create a category with the title "Foo" along with an automatically populated Special Page with all pages in this category. If the category already exists it will sort the page into the indicated category.

[[Category:Foo::Bar]]<code> will create a child category "Bar" inside the parent category "Foo".
=== Link to a Category Page ===
Category:Foo::Bar</code> will link to the indicated category (note the colon!) but not create a new one.

Add a Table of Contents

When a page is long, adding a table of contents can help a lot. You can control alignment and depth of the table.

[toc align_right="yes" depth="2"]

The optimal depth corresponds structure and size of the article. For a short article a toc is absolutely unnecessary.

Right aligned articles

For wiki pages you can add


to the top of the page and it will be all right aligned on save.

Character Codes, or How to Bypass the Wiki Formatter

Sometimes you need a character in your wiki article that the wiki engine thinks is a formatting code. When this happens, replace the character with a code for the character. Here is a good list of such codes.

For example, in Textile the percent symbol (%) indicates a tag in HTML, but you may need to show a % in a command line example. Use % instead of % in your example:



By entering:

set QTDIR=&#37;DEV&#37;

Embedding Youtube Videos