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Qt Ambassador program reboot

As detailed in the forum post , the idea is to reboot the ambassador program to include more areas than just application developers.

What is expected of an ambassador

An ambassador is there to show what the Qt Community is best at.

The ambassador is friendly and has shown active participation with the Qt project.

Limited time only

Once you are given the title of ambassador, you will hold the title for a year. The temporary nature of the ambassadorship is to keep the number of ambassadors at a reasonable level.

If you achieve an ambassadorship for three (?) years, you will be entitled ambassador for life. If you are so committed to the project, you need to be recognised beyond normal Ambassadorship.

Ambassador areas

You can become an ambassador in the following seven areas :

  • Community Builder
    • Being a forum maintainer / helping people on forums
    • Managing mailing lists / helping on the mailing lists
    • Helping Qt newcomers find their way around the project
    • Running Qt study groups
    • Running local Qt meetups
  • Content Creator
    • Finding, writing and sharing use-cases of Qt in unexpected places
    • Creating video material of Qt (demos, guides, other material)
    • Authoring articles and even books
  • Quality Assurer
    • Bug triager
    • Being in the bug squad
    • Verifying and closing bugs
    • Help in package testing
    • Help in unit testing
    • Being in the community beta testing program
  • Documenter
    • Fixing documentation issues
    • Creating examples and snippets
    • Being a wiki gardener / editor
  • Framework developer
    • Providing patches to Qt
  • Evangelist
    • Spread the Qt word in blogs, SoMe, videoblogs
    • Find and help newcomers to Qt
    • Working to bring Qt to students
    • Present Qt at events
  • Application Developer
    • Create stunning Qt applications
    • Share Qt application creation knowledge

Requirements per area:

For the first ambassadors (2014) a nomination and support process will be used. This process will be public. A separate wiki page will have a place where people can be nominated for an ambassadorship.

  • Community Builder
  • Content Creator
  • Quality Assurer
  • Documenter
  • Framework developer
  • Evangelist
  • Application Developer

Multitalented ambassadors

It is possible to achieve ambassadorship in multiple areas.

If someone dedicates so much of their energies to furthering Qt, we shouldn't block them from achieving multiple titles.

How to become an ambassador

To start off the reboot, the way to become an ambassador is through nomination by other users.

Later on, at least some of the areas should be turned to a metric based nomination. However user nominations would still be a valid way, as there are always cases where metrics fail to find active contributors.

Criteria for ambassadorship

Every area should have some criteria. Metrics would be best, but they might be hard to define.

The attitude of the ambassador-nominee should also matter.

Benefits of being an ambassador

Being an ambassador provides the following benefits:

  • Prestige
  • Loot - yes the ambassador needs to have something

' T-shirt ' Stickers ' ??

  • Good feeling of helping the community
  • Certain areas might also have special tools involved (a bug-hammer)

But I get paid to do this! / What if we are a company?

Yes, some of us are paid to work on Qt by our employers. Mostly on the code base, but also testing, documentation and other essential work goes on in the project. Some of the people who do get paid to work on the project do so above and beyond the normal limits of their day jobs (coding all day and helping newcomers in their free time, for example). We need metrics to find these people and provide them with an ambassadorship too.