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  • Arora(Arora): an opensource web browser for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • Konqueror(Konqueror): an opensource web browser, part of KDE, when selecting to use kwebkitpart
  • Rekonq(Rekonq): an opensource web browser with an integration with KDE
  • Orange Mobile Browser(Orange Mobile Browser): An experimental web browser built with Qt 4.7 + QML and running, for now, on N900. Symbian will be the next target build.
  • RaskBrowser: Rask is a lightweight web browser designed for mobile devices with touchscreen support. It’s based on QtWebkit and QML.


Mobile Applications

  • grr: A Qt application for accessing Google Reader on the N900
  • Crochik Macuco: Maemo Web Browser for iPhone-optimized websites
  • qreddit: A lightweight reader application for

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