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Qt on the Broadcom 97425

Hardware Specs

Architecture MIPS
OpenGL OpenGL ES 2.0
Hardware acceleration DirectFB, JPEG decoding
Video GStreamer Elements
Broadcom97425/BCM7425-Qt4dot8-DFB-QWS Qt 4.8 (DirectFB/QWS)
Broadcom97425/BCM7425-Qt4dot8-eglnullws-QWS Qt 4.8 (eglnullws/QWS)
Broadcom97425/BCM7425-Qt4dot8-eglfs-QPA Qt 4.8 (eglfs/QPA)
Broadcom97425/BCM7425-Qt5-eglfs Qt 5.0 (eglfs/QPA)
Qt 5.0 (DirectFBAndQt) Supported, with OpenGL

Device Information / Hardware

The Broadcom 97425 is a powerful dual core MIPS set-top-box reference design. The hardware is capable of running QtQuick2/SceneGraph. Broadcom provides an optimized version of DirectFB for 2D graphics, input and image decoding. The multimedia architecture is based on GStreamer. Broadcom provides pipeline elements to access their hardware.

Software provided by Broadcom

Broadcom provides customers with the AppLibs and RefSW. The last tested version is 20111222 for the RefSW 20111222. The rockford 3D library needs to link to DirectFB to avoid missing symbols when loading the DirectFB/QPA plugin. The patch was provided to Broadcom and should be included in future versions.

Building AppLibs/RefSW for Qt

Qt5 DirectFB/QPA

Building Qt

# This assumes that DirectFB was built in multi application mode
$ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=BCtree/AppLibs/opensource/directfb/bin/DirectFB-1.4.15_multi_release_build.97425B1/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig/
$ mkdir build-qtbase
$ cd build-qtbase
$ ../build-qtbase/configure -release  -device linux-mipsel-broadcom-97425-g++  -no-xcb -no-eglfs  -device-option B_REFSW_DEBUG=n  -device-option BRCM_ROCKFORD_PATH=BCtree/rockford  -device-option BRCM_APPLIBS_PATH=BCtree/AppLibs  -opengl es2  -no-mips_dsp -no-mips_dspr2  -directfb  -force-pkg-config
$ make install

Running Qt

$ export QT_QPA_PLATFORM=directfbegl
$ ./wiggly