Build system improvements and feedback

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Session Summary

QtCS2023 Build System Improvements.pdf

Session Owners

Alexandru Croitor


Work done

  • synqt in CC++
  • cmake- generate project
  • run tests standalone
  • Improved translations
  • Linux deploy
  • configure -redo with different options
  • Unity builds for faster builds
  • Documentation fixes, qmake fixes
  • Creator features: Cmake Editing/Debugging

Current work:

  • VCPKG package
  • IOS xcframekwork
  • QML API public for QML libraries
  • Upstream: Better AUTOMOC
  • Thanks to many external contributors
  • Wiki page about internal API


  • Enable loading single libraries to speed up Creator Clang parsing : Will consider / Check box in project to not have it parse the entire tree as a workaround ->
  • Dependency creep (rebuilding too many files): Most likely touched a file that is in bootstrap build causing rebuild of moc, consider building tools separately
  • QML API CMake/ Design Studio: Still under Discussion, QML modules, CMake vs .qmlproject, Qt for Python
  • CMake Multiconfig issues: Ninja. VSCode/macOS, not supported in Creator
    • Request to make Ninja Multi-Config the default in Qt Creator
  • Distributed builds (Fast build) upstream rejected, out of scope