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General Building of Qt Creator

  1. It is recommended to build in a shadow build directory
  2. qmake "$SOURCES/" CONFIG+=release "DEFINES+=IDE_REVISION=$GIT_COMMIT" "QTC_PREFIX=/qt-creator-x.y.z"

where $GIT_COMMIT should be the sha1 of the commit that you build, and where the QTC_PREFIX is the directory prefix used for the 7zips that are created by the bindist target (see below).

  1. set the following environment variables:
    1. INSTALL_ROOT: changes the location for the install dir when doing make install, e.g. $BUILDDIR/install/qtcreator (not used on Mac)
    2. INSTALL_EDITION: can be set to e.g. -opensource, used for 7z and dmg file names, $${PLATFORM}$(INSTALL_EDITION)-$${QTCREATOR_VERSION}$(INSTALL_POSTFIX)
  2. make
  3. make docs
  4. make install (don't use on Mac)
  5. make install_docs (don't use on Mac)
  6. make deployqt

After these calls the INSTALL_ROOT (Windows/Linux) or $BUILDDIR/bin/Qt (Mac) contains a distributable binary build.

To add "external" executables (jom, qtcreatorcdbext64) that we deploy for Windows builds to your install, call make deployartifacts

To create a 7zip with the binary build, call make bindist

That packages the files with a directory starting with the QTC_PREFIX you set in the qmake call.

To create a 7zip that can be used for installers, that directly contains the files without additional directory prefix (i.e. directly bin/, lib/, and so on), call make bindist_installer

To create a disk image (dmg) with the Qt on Mac, call make dmg

Things affecting the build/install

Environment Variables

INSTALL_ROOT Changes the location for the install dir when doing make install, e.g. $BUILDDIR/install/qtcreator (not used on Mac), installation is done into $(INSTALL_ROOT)$$QTC_PREFIX
INSTALL_BASENAME Sets the base name used for the files created by make bindist, bindist_installer, dmg and dmg_installer. Defaults to qt-creator-$${PLATFORM}$(INSTALL_EDITION)-$${QTCREATOR_VERSION}$(INSTALL_POSTFIX)
INSTALL_EDITION Can be set to e.g. -opensource, used for default INSTALL_BASENAME
INSTALLER_ARCHIVE This overwrites the default value of the 7z filename which is used by the bindist_installer step, including file extension.

Qmake Variables

QTC_PREFIX directory prefix for the install directory make install and for what is packaged with make bindist, must start with a /, e.g. /qt-creator-x.y.z, installation is done into $(INSTALL_ROOT)$$QTC_PREFIX
IDE_PACKAGE_MODE Disables building the HellWorld and UpdateInfo plugins (which are built but marked experimental otherwise)
UPDATEINFO_ENABLE Enables the UpdateInfo plugin and enables it for the build (usually it is marked as experimental)
QT_PRIVATE_HEADERS Set to QTDIR/include where private headers are installed, if your Qt version doesn't have them in its standard include directory
QTC_SKIP_CDBEXT Disables building the cdb extension. Only has an affect on windows.

C Defines

IDE_REVISION String to show as revision in About dialog. Should be set to the git sha that the Qt Creator was built from.
IDE_SETTINGSVARIANT Changes the directory where Qt Creator looks for user settings and resources. E.g. ~/.config/IDE_SETTINGSVARIANT/qtcreator.ini on Linux. Defaults to "QtProject".

Install Settings

Qt Creator reads the QtCreator.ini, qtversion.xml and toolchains.xml from its installation directory as "install settings". (The directory is share/qtcreator/IDE_SETTINGSVARIANT/ on Windows and Linux, Qt on Mac.)

The qt versions from the qtversion.xml and tool chains from toolchains.xml are added as "autodetected" to Qt Creator. The settings file (.ini) is used for QSettings::SystemScope. An installer can give any Qt Creator setting a default value by writing into this .ini file.

The following special settings (or specially notable settings) are also read by Qt Creator:

ExampleManifests Array of strings. Paths to manifest xml files that describe examples to show in Qt Creator's example browser.
Plugins/Ignored QStringList (i.e. string containing of comma-separated values). Names of plugins that should not be loaded by default (even though they are installed and not marked experimental).
Plugins/ForceEnabled QStringList (i.e. string containing of comma-separated values). Names of plugins that should be loaded even though they would not be loaded by default (e.g. because they are marked as experimental).
Help/InstalledDocumentation QStringList (i.e. string containing of comma-separated values). Paths to qch (documentation) files and directories containing qch files that should be registered with Qt Creator
Settings/InstallSettings Path (with '/' path separator) to actual install settings path to use, instead of the default one. Similar to -settingspath command line option, but for install settings. Can be a relative path (to application binary). Also exists as command line option -installsettingspath