Bumping QML Module Versions

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Bumping Qt Quick Controls 2

This section documents the process for bumping Qt Quick Controls 2.

Bump MODULE_VERSION, qmldirs and docs

MODULE_VERSION determines the module version used by "make qmltypes" (which runs qmlplugindump, a tool used to create plugins.qmltypes).

qmldir files are explained here. In the case of Qt Quick Controls 2, it has a dependency to Qt Quick Templates, hence why it must be bumped.

Any documentation files that mention the version number should be bumped as well. For example:


This patch bumps all three at once:


Bump imports of QML files using the module itself

For example:


Bump plugins.qmltypes

For example:


Bump any imported versions of QML files that follow the Qt version

Qt's version is bumped by increasing MODULE_VERSION in qtbase/.qmake.conf:


QT_VERSION is then deduced from that:


After that, the Qt version bump in qtbase will need to integrate to qt5.git. For example, in the case of the commit above, that was done here:


Once all of that has happened, any imports of a module whose version follows the Qt version (such as QtQuick) can be bumped: